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What’s Your ETA to Change? Ours is COMING SOON!

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on February 26, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Just a quick post, dear reader, to tell you that I have exciting news about our new blogger role coming to you soon! While I am not quite yet ready to role out the names of our new bloggers, we have a minimum of 6 new voices, and still a few remaining unconfirmed, who are committed to ETA and who will share their perspectives about how we can innovate through the arts in education, business and in our daily lives.

Quick Facts About the New Bloggers
* Two of our new bloggers come from higher education.
* One from the world of innovation.
* Three will come from different disciplines in the arts and not-for-profit.

The blog appearance and blog roll is set to change in April and our new website is more work to create than I ever imagined.

Quick Update on The Resource Center
While I know I mentioned that the FREE ETA Resource Center will have over 400 resources for arts entrepreneurship, I think you will be excited to learn that the actual number of books, workshops, granting foundations, coaches, websites, blogs and institutions of higher education will total more than 1000!

Just last night I was down visiting a large photography/videography studio, that a friend of mine owns, to discuss how we would begin to build a set design for the video series I intend to roll out to members of the Resource Center. Filming will begin in March so that the video library will begin to have inventory when the new website launches.

My dear reader, things are really beginning to come together! I just keep pinching myself saying” I can hardly believe that what I envisioned more than two years ago, as a hope and a dream, is beginning to become real!” Dreams really can come true. By example, and by the examples of others here at ETA, you can make yours come true too.


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