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Ernesto Neto Sculpture in NYC!

In Author: Whitney Ferre on June 1, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Ernesto Neto @ Park Avenue Armory

I just got back from a short, but incredible, trip to New York City! The image above is from the Ernesto Neto Sculpture at the Park Avenue Armory. It is a sight to hold! The sculpture totally takes you in and transports you to another world! Those pieces hanging down are filled with aromatic spices! Some are red pepper, others are lavender or cumin! Amazing! Our Artist Within, right brain, registers scent along with visual images, so the combination is fabulous! If you can get to the Park Avenue Armory in the next couple of weeks, do it! I flew to NYC for the Book Expo of America (BEA) and to meet with new friends, John Cimino of Creative Leaps, Phil Alexander with the Lincoln Center for the Arts, Jennifer Hamady, and Paul Spencer Adkins. We had the most increbile pow-wow at the Alice Tully Cafe’ in the Lincoln Center. We each shared unique insight and approaches to personal creativity. John and Paul have worked together for 20 years bringing their “Concert of Ideas” to educators and corporations! Phil Alexander is Senior Director of outreach and education at the Lincoln Center for the Arts, bringing creative experience to children in NYC. Jennifer Hammady is a voice coach to singers and non-singers alike-showing them how to “find their voice”. She also has a new book just published about the subject. Bottom line: our own personal creativity is elemental in everything we do, every element of our lives. We have lost sight of that fact and all of us meeting there last Wednesday are committed to bringing that fact back into focus for everyone! I had a BLAST at the Book Expo. I wore my painted overalls and my grey blazer to illustrate the “right” and “left” brain side of all of us and handed out CREATE CHANGE stickers to everyone! They loved it! I was interviewed by Sirius Radio and met Greg Mortensen of Three Cups of Tea! Talk about a man who has created CHANGE! I passed out stickers to everyone waiting in line to meet him so by the time I got there he was curious about the CREATE CHANGE stickers! I was able to give him a copy of my book and thank him for his work in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Truly, the whole trip was an Artist Within experience. I met amazing people, had so much fun, and reached out for insight and guidance. I flew home Friday night and turned around to drive to Florida early Saturday morning with my business partner, 6 kids and 2 babysitters for our annual beach trip. Aahhhhhhhhh, the beach. I’ll send you all a picture of the ocean tomorrow. I will be at the Borders in Panama City Beach Friday night for a book signing. Right now I have to get my fussy 5 year old into his right brain! Create FUN today! Whitney

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