Innovating Through Artistry

Gwydhar Bratton

gwydhar-bratton-biothumbGwydhar Bratton is a Chicago based artist, illustrator, designer and independent filmmaker with the not-for-profit film production company Blue Damen Pictures. Her love of visual storytelling has driven her to develop films that explore and experiment with the ways in which we communicate through visual media, including an experimental retelling of the Persephone myth entitled “Persephone”.

Her current film project is a series of short films exploring the effects of sleep deprivation, which will eventually be put together to create a feature length film entitled “The Insomniac Chronicles”. She also illustrates a monthly webcomic entitled “The Werewif” and by day works as a sales rep for a commercial art studio that specializes in developing storyboards and illustration for advertising agencies.

Trailers and information about Blue Damen films can be found on the Blue Damen website at Gwydhar’s portfolio and webcomic can be found on her website at She hopes you will stop by to visit soon, and maybe send her a little note.

Gwydhar Bratton
Blue Damen Pictures

To read Gwydhar’s most recent posts click here:

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