Innovating Through Artistry

Adam Shames

adam-shames-biothumbAdam Shames is the founder of Adam Shames Consulting and the Kreativity Network. Adam has taught, facilitated and studied creativity for the past 20+ years.

Now based in Chicago (after years in San Francisco), Adam is an innovation consultant, facilitator and speaker, specializing in leadership retreats, learning seminars and teambuilding events that help organizations build cultures of innovation and collaboration. His clients range from Accenture, McDonald’s, Edelman Public Relations and KPMG, to schools and non-profits. Adam has a master’s degree in education from Stanford University.

Currently Adam is working on completing a book “The Mindset of Innovation.” He also has a blog with the same name that offers insights, tools and reflections to bring more creativity and innovation to our lives, organizations, education and culture.

Adam Shames
The Kreativity Network: Teambuilding for Innovation
Innovation on my Mind
o. 773-388-2880 c. 312-203-2805
To read Adam’s most recent posts click here:

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