Innovating Through Artistry

The ETA Resource Center

eta-logo-revised About The ETA Resource Center
Th first phase of The ETA Resource Center is devoted to helping artists discover the world of entrepreneurship; increasing their knowledge base, to help their entrepreneurial skills grow. We anticipate The ETA Resource Center will grow, however, in all four of the areas we serve: Artists, Corporations, Universities and Government.

In the Artist Section, we have identified over 1000 artistic entrepreneurial resources to assist you in your development to become more innovative with your artistry! Our hope is that you will find Our Resource Center a worthwhile place for you to come and visit often.

Inside the ETA Resource Center you will find: Articles, Blogs, Books, Coaches, Conferences and Workshops, Foundations and State Granting Organizations, Institutions of Higher Education for Arts Entrepreneurship, the ETA Video Library and Podcast Series, interesting Links and General Support. All of these references and resources are available to ETA Resource Center members only.

Contributing to The ETA Resource Center
If you have an article, blog, book, workshop, offer coaching services or have an informative video you would like to contribute to the resource center, please contact me by completing an ETA contact form. Include a brief description of the material you would like to include in the Resource Center and the best way to reach you.
Feel free to also share any suggestions, comments or corrections to the material in the center as well so that we can continue to maintain and improve this valuable resource.

Volunteer For The E.T.A. Resource Center
By contributing to The ETA Resource Center you can help our community grow! If the Resource Center interests you, there are additional ways to volunteer your time to build the ETA community. We accept virtual interns. Fill out an ETA contact form and let us know you’re interested.

Link to the ETA Resource Center

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