Innovating Through Artistry

About The Authors

Gwydhar Bratton
Gwydhar Bratton is a Chicago based artist, illustrator, designer and independent filmmaker with the not-for-profit film production company Blue Damen Pictures. Her current film project is a series of short films exploring the effects of sleep deprivation which will eventually become a feature film entitled “The Insomniac Chronicles” To read Gwydhar’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Gwydhar Bratton

Lisa Canning
Lisa Canning is the founder of Entrepreneur The Arts. With a love for the arts, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, Lisa has developed, and helped others develop, ventures at the intersection of artistry and business for almost 30 years. Her passion is helping create organizations that maximize their value potential while realizing their highest purpose through using their creativity and artistry. In September of 2010 Lisa will open The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurial training school for artist, in Chicago. To read Lisa’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Lisa Canning

John Cimino
John Cimino is president and CEO of Creative Leaps International. As a champion of the arts in education, business and professional life, Cimino has brought his “Concerts of Ideas” and other innovative programs into projects of the White House, the Center for Creative Leadership and the leadership training programs of dozens of Fortune 500 companies. To read John’s most recent posts click here:
Author: John Cimino

David Cutler
Dr. David Cutler balances a varied career as a jazz and classical composer, pianist, educator, arranger, conductor, collaborator, concert producer, author, blogger, consultant, and speaker. His book The Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living, & Making a Difference was heralded by Jeff Ziegler of the Kronos Quartet as “hands down, the most valuable resource I’ve come across for the aspiring musician.” To read David’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Dr. David Cutler

Tommy Darwin
Tommy Darwin has worked as a program director, professor, and consultant finding ways to bring diverse groups together to creatively engage complex problems, with a focus on community problems. Working across the boundaries within a major research university and in its surrounding community, he has extensive experience bringing expertise of all varieties to bear on complex challenges, using entrepreneurship and design both as tools and a framework for change. To read Tommy’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Tommy Darwin

Linda Essig
Linda Essig is Director of the School of Theatre and Film in the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. She serves as Artistic Director of the Herberger College MainStage and directs ASU’s arts entrepreneurship program, p.a.v.e., the performing arts venture experience. A professional lighting designer, She is the author of numerous articles and two books: Lighting and the Design Idea and The Speed of Light: Dialogues on Lighting Design and Technological Change. To read Linda’a most recent posts click here:
Author:Linda Essig

Whitney Ferre
Whitney Ferre’s creative career began in 1996 when she opened The Creative Fitness Center in Nashville, TN. The center provided it’s clientele with the opportunity to “work out” their creative muscles with visual art classes. Ferre’s book, The Artist Within: A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit that was just published November 2008.
Whitney Ferre also co-owns a wine bar in Nashville ( To read Whitney’s most recent posts click here:
Author:Whitney Ferre

Amy Frazier
Amy is passionate about the connections between the arts and personal and professional development. As a theater professional, Amy has acted, directed, created and produced theater for over two decades. Amy is a student at the International Center for Studies of Creativity where she is working on a graduate certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership. To read more of Amy’s posts click here:
Author: Amy Frazier

Dr. Michael Gold
Michael Gold is the founder and president of Jazz Impact, where he develops and conducts interactive seminars that bring together the two seemingly disparate worlds of jazz and business. Gold’s expertise is in creating customized training sessions that reinforce team-building, problem solving and other management skills by drawing upon the lessons of jazz. To read more of Michael’s posts click here:
Author: Dr. Michael Gold

Jim Hart
Jim Hart is an award-winning actor, director and producer and the founder and former Dean of TITAN Teaterskole (The International Theatre Academy Norway), an entrepreneurial training school for artists, in Oslo, Norway. In the fall of 2010, Jim will open his second entrepreneurial training school for artists, The Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, (ACPA) just like the one he built in Norway. Applications will be accepted for student enrollment in Jan 2010. To read more of Jim’s posts click here:
Author: Jim Hart

Barbara Kite
Barbara is a professional, actor, director and acting/speaking coach, who has worked in over 300 plays, movies, television series, soaps, commercials, industrials and voice-overs. She was Creative Director on TANGOING WITH TORNADOES (a play about domestic violence) written by award winning Oregonian journalist, S. Renee Mitchell. To read Barbara’s most recent posts click here:
Author:Barbara Kite

Cyriel Kortleven
Cyriel Kortleven is an enthusiastic, driven crew-member of new shoes today. Cyriel’s passion is moving people to become more conscious of new opportunities in their professional and personal life. Cyriel is specialized in two topics: creation and experience time. Cyriel also likes to work with bigger groups as a speaker, chairman and facilitator in an international context. He’s also the founding father of the Knights of NOW and Operation Brainstorm. To read Cyriel’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Cyriel Kortleven

Adam Shames
Adam Shames is the founder of Adam Shames Consulting and the Kreativity Network. He has taught, facilitated and studied creativity for the past 20+ years. As an innovation consultant, facilitator and speaker specializing in leadership retreats, learning seminars and teambuilding events, Adam helps organizations build cultures of innovation and collaboration. To read Adam’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Adam Shames

Dr. Kate Francis Siner
Since Kate was in her early teens she has held two strong passions. One is the arts. The other is to deeply understand the human experience. Kate’s Ph.D is in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her current endeavors include her private practice Larger Visions where she specializes in helping creative individuals find life and career satisfaction.To read more of Kate’s posts click here:
Author: Dr. Kate Francis Siner

Melissa Snoza
A passionate advocate for chamber music, Melissa Snoza serves as flutist and Executive Director of the Chicago-based Fifth House Ensemble. Their mission is to tap the collaborative spirit of chamber music to create engaging performances and interactive educational programs, forging meaningful partnerships with unexpected venues, artists of other disciplines, educational institutions, and audiences of every type. To read Melissa’s most recent posts click here:
Author: Melissa Snoza

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