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Perfect Pitch

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While investigating the cause of a mysterious death, epidemiologist, Dr. Sergio Petri will enter a complex web linking a father he never knew, his half brother, and an irresistible and beautiful woman with a disturbing past. The case that bring him to Long Island’s unique society known as The Hamptons will reveal a decade old act of vengeance, and cause terror and panic among the Hampton’s wealthy and influential residents.

A series of events from the formation of land masses millions of years ago to mistakes made in postwar Italy, abandoned love, unexplained water pollution, and the discovery of one man’s revenge on a New World that destroyed him come together in a tale of three generations of an extraordinary family. A family in which no one is what they seem and everyone has something to protect…

And the rest of this story will unfold from Jazz Clarinetist by night, Periodontist by day, and new author, Ron Odrich, in his first novel “Perfect Pitch.”

Oriana Fallaci, a world renowned Pulitzer Prize winning author whose recent work includes “The Force of Reason” and ” The Rage of Pride”, had this to say about Ron’s novel Perfect Pitch:

“Ron likes to say that Perfect Pitch abounds with indecent characters: people who an author should be ashamed of. So, I feel the necessity of reminding him that in moving from periodontics and from music into the risky waters of story telling he has put his hands on the most fascinating reality of novels; their characters never identify or necessarily identify with their creator. They, the characters may turn out to be quite terrible…”

Oriana Fallaci went on to say this about the creative process: “Creativity is like love: it may sprout from logical reasons as well as from irrational impulses. But one thing is certain: Novel characters live their own personal life, and the writer can only do what they want. He (or she) simply is the instrument, which puts in words their thoughts and their actions. Whether he or she like it or not.”

Check out Perfect Pitch— its a worthy and interesting read.

It Takes 15

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It takes 15 years to become an overnight success.

Just around 15 years of marriage is the most common time to divorce next to 1 and 2 years.

When you see a movie in the theater these days, it can be up to 15 minutes into the film before the opening credits role.

15 pounds of weight loss will dramatically improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and general energy level.

15 minutes is the time allotment for flash in the pan fame.

It takes on average, in a moderately busy restaurant, 15 minutes to get a table.

For 15 thousand dollars you can be on Heartbeat of America and talk about anything you want to with my hero William Shatner.

Most American Express cards have 15 numbers, while Visa, Discover and Master Card have 16.

A clarinet has a useful life of roughly 15 years before in some way, like we all do eventually, it begins to deteriorate and be less useful.

Its takes about 15 seconds, in our multi-tasking world, to stop paying attention.

Its funny, how if you just spend 15 more minutes sitting here thinking about the number 15, and what else it represents; birthday dates, house numbers, jersey numbers…

Oh, and The Bears record, going into the Superbowl, is 15 wins, 3 losses….
GO BEARS! You see what I mean?? I honestly saw that relationship to the number 15 just right now…

But I am sure if you just continue, for a few minutes longer, and write everything you know about the number 15 down from where I left off, and then read it all back, that you will find some new pattern; like no one else has ever seen or gleamed, about the number 15.

Now you may think I am being silly, which of course I am being a little, about the number 15, but seriously if you use the silliness of my little process in the same way with better material, you are thinking like an entrepreneur and seeing what entrepreneur’s see.

Try regularly to take those ”sugar plum”, creative insights/jewels that float around actively in your head and see if you can convert any one of them into something you can do that can be systematic in some way, AND that could be life sustaining, while allowing your creativity to flourish nicely inside ( not outside) its scope.

What is Success?

In Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box on January 21, 2007 at 10:17 am

Success is achieved by the way you live, what you say, how you dream, what you know is true, and how you know how to live with serenity in this world. It’s not just about achieving a certain status in the artistic world or as an entrepreneur.

You often hear how certain people have become an overnight success. They have become an overnight success for the individuals who are just hearing about them. But to others, the journey to success often comes with many years of hard work, discipline, tenacity and belief in yourself that you can and will achieve all that you desire. There are different levels of success and wherever you are is perfectly fine.  

It’s still all about the choices we make in life and how true we are to ourselves and committed to our personal journey.

Different people often say to me, “But, oh you’re so lucky.” I often tell them that luck has nothing to do with it. The word “lucky” signifies that an individual meets or acquires success through accidental good fortune. Success definitely isn’t an accident; it’s a winding, thought-provoking journey. It is one that requires hard work, dedication, long days, long nights, sacrifices, and an amazing belief that it can be done.  

The journey of success also requires that I have a group of positive people around me. These people tell the truth no matter what, and they give constructive criticism on any issue. I expect no less from them and they expect the same from me. They are a group of family, friends, and colleagues who believe in me. These people believe in my vision, that my success has wings, and that I can do the right thing towards achieving that success.  

Most successful people have a mindset of thinking of doing the impossible and achieving what others have deemed impossible. That’s really what entrepreneurship is about: going where you see opportunity and others do not.  Achieving success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start at your beginning wherever your beginning is. Depending upon what you want to do, only you know what those beginning blocks are and the kind of help you need to begin.

It is when you understand what kind of help you need to build something solid on, that those building blocks begin to form and take shape.Your journey begins to unfold before you ­week after week, month after month, ­ year after year. With hard work, dedication, and resiliency, you make your success happen.  

Sure, it is a marvelous accomplishment to have artistic and/or entrepreneurial success. But it is absolutely essential for you to have inner-peace success.

Know who you are. Learn what your destiny is towards humanity. Know your purpose and soak in your happiness of loving yourself. It is crucial.

After long hard days, you must like the person you see when you look in the mirror. If you don’t, all your outward success is worth absolutely nothing.

In order to be successful, you definitely have to think outside the box of conformity. Being successful doesn’t mean you always land on your feet at first. If you fall down, know you can always get up. And know, it’s never too late.   You always have an opportunity to change the world!

24 Hours in New York City

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dscn0816.JPGdscn0813.JPGdscn0805.JPGdscn0824.JPGdscn0799.JPGIt was an exciting day in New York City. Actually the flight was perfectly on time- what a surprise!  Got in, jumped in an cab, and headed over to Mickey Mantles Restaurant to check out the press conference for Steve Wolf. It was definitely an exciting couple of hours. Marty Appel, former PR director for the Yankees, organized and ran the event. Good press turnout from 10 New York based broadcasting stations, including Fox 5, Chanel 7 and Chanel 9, as well as a journalist from the New York Post and 4 other radio stations in New York.

Joe Pepitone, former Yankee first baseman, who then went on to play with the Chicago Cubs for a few years, was there as well. He played briefly with Mickey Mantle and was full of stories- what fun. (He is the guy swinging the bat in the picture above.)

It was a very proud moment for Steve Wolf and exciting to be there to see.  His 1961 Old Yankee Stadium will be on display until opening day in April. If your in New York City go and check it out.

We left the press conference and went on to check out ground zero and Ellis Island, followed by catching the 7 Tony Award winning Broadway show, The Drowsy Chaperone. When we entered the theater we were right behind Nathan Lane. I loved him in The Birdcage.

When we left the theater and jumped into a cab coincidentally on the radio we heard one of the feeds from the press conference!! What a fun 24 hours…

Barry Moltz

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Last June I searched online in an attempt to find the right someone to help me learn the ropes of writing a book as well as developing my speaking. When I found Barry Moltz I knew I had found the right guy to help me. I sent him an email introducing myself and sharing what I wanted to do next in my life as an entrepreneur. Barry agreed to meet with me to discuss it over lunch. That’s how my relationship with Barry started.

When you find the right person to help you with your dreams and they are interested in what you are doing, they will help you move forward. If there is anything I have learned in my life as an entrepreneur, the most important lesson would be that you cannot accomplish anything alone!

I have learned so much from Barry and continue to be amazed by how he has transformed himself many times in his career.

This past fall I went with him to Belmont University, in Nashville TN, to see him give a new presentation from the material in his second book, which he has just finished. Belmont University, by the way, has an amazing entrepreneurship program run by Jeff Cornwall, and I would also encourage you to check out his blog, The Entreprenurial Mind.

But back to Barry…

Since I have met Barry, just a little more than 7 months ago, I have seen him in action, watching him travel literally around the globe and speaking about entrepreneurship and consulting for and with entrepreneurs nationally and internationally! He just recently came back from London, negotiating the purchase of a business there.

Of Barry’s many accomplishments– as a business broker, an angel investor, an author, a consultant and an entrepreneur– I consider becoming a full-time speaker his most amazing transformation and something I really admire.

Check out Barry’s site and read his rants. 

Off to New York City tonight to check out the press conference, and my friend’s, Steve Wolf, unveiling of his rendition of the 1961 Old Yankee Stadium at Mickey Mantle’s restaurant, tomorrow at 11am. Can’t wait!

Heartbeat of America

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So if I told you that I got a call from an associate producer to appear on a TV show aired on American Life TV Network called Heartbeat of America, hosted by William Shatner, would you be impressed?

Would you still be impressed if I told you that I had to pay $15,000 for the licensing rights to the taping of the show?

Let me tell you a little bit more– and you can decide for yourself.

Heartbeat of America is a show that is devoted to featuring the work of entrepreneurs in America, the backbone of our economy. The show offers valuable insights into the mind of an entrepreneur- sharing the ethics, morals and values that shaped the creation of their original entrepreneurial venture- which no one else in television really cares about showcasing; because its just not sensational enough to bolster ratings and attract advertising dollars to support it.

But Heartbeat of America does care that these entrepreneurs are heard from. So much so that they must buy their airtime on the American Life TV Network to have the work of the entrepreneurs they showcase shown on national television. And they have to pay their film crews, editorial, sales and marketing staff in a California studio too, all without any advertising dollars to support the production of the show and it’s airing. All this means that Heartbeat of America’s host, William Shatner and executive producer Bert Tenzer are largely responsible for covering most of the costs to produce this show.

Yet in a time when we, as artists, need to learn to be more entrepreneurial, how can we afford to pay $15,000 to appear on a show like Heartbeat of America without a steady income or the education and support we need to become more entrepreneurial?

Who will support our development? Who is offering us the opportunities we need to get ahead when we are graduating over 100,000 fine arts majors each year only to send a majority of them on to bank teller jobs, behind the wheel of a taxi, waiting tables or delivering the pizza we ate on Saturday night?

If you are an artist and are deeply passionate and creative and, with a plan, go where you are suppose to go, learn what you need to learn, things eventually come to you and will embrace you. You need to be patient because whatever you need to help catapult you forward “IT” will. And IT will eventually come to YOU, if you just stay on your path, follow your plan, trust your instincts, have the skills to do so, but simply keep going.

If we lose as a society a really strong connection to art, and whatever you and I love that’s creative, we lose our ability to meet life on our own terms. Look at the state of the arts. When you look around at the trouble every conceivable market segment in the arts is experiencing right now, how can you not agree and say “Mayday, Mayday- we have a problem!”

If we don’t as a creative artistic group evolve and change, we like the dinosaurs’ die.

What’s your estimated time of arrival to E.T.A.? When will you be ready to make an amazing, life transforming and magical life by your own design happen? Oprah recently said that her $40 million school in Africa was what she was called on this earth to do. Our art form at WHATEVER level, Oprah’s level or any level in between, needs to rise to a higher purpose. Why? Because the line of commercialization falls exactly when we fail to pay it forward, stop creating and only are profiting. That is not what our artistic purpose and passion was created from.

You know, when you create a life you love that is a reflection of you, your developed gifts, and developed ability to use those gifts to financially and creatively benefit, it not only changes your life, but it changes all those of your customers too. It’s a pretty cool thing to experience and get to see someone changed by what you can do with your art form to help him or her.

Isn’t that what art is about? Isn’t it really about using your own developed creative or artistic uniqueness as a tool to change what you can change about the world? Isn’t that the whole beauty and true higher purpose of art and creativity?

You, as an artist and an emerging entrepreneur, need this kind of support more than ever. Out of the generosity of William Shatner, Bert Tenzer and Admiral Delaney, each of you is being offered a chance to lift your entrepreneurial spirits, to begin to find your entrepreneurial wings. This blog and website is designed to offer you numerous ways to learn exactly how to do that.

Additionally, our hope is to provide you with free books, coaching sessions, and classes for the few who submit the best written blog or spoken podcast entry in The Entrepreneurial Artist Competition. Not only will be offered a free appearance on Heartbeat of America hosted by William Shatner, at no cost to you, but you will also receive a 10 minute video of your show to help you promote your work to others. All of this, we believe, will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

For those of you who are new to this blog and website, know that anything in life is possible- including a partnership of this magnitude from the least likely of places if you simply are ready, capable and willing to seize the moment and act.

And for those of you who have read this post before- this one’s for you. Have faith in who you are and stay strong in your beliefs of where you can go. The evolution of this post and new partnership between Entrepreneur The Arts and Heartbeat of America is proof of this alone.

This post was significantly modified to reflect the positive developments, revelations and a new appreciation for the meaning of growth and collaboration between two kindred spirited companies: Heartbeat of America and Entrepreneur The Arts. If you are another kindred spirit, and already a self-made entrepreneur reading this post, won’t you please consider joining us in supporting the future generations of artists to come.

Bite-Size Progress: January 07

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Yesterday afternoon I drove downtown, into Chicago, to play clarinet duets with a fellow clarinetist, who is both a multi-millionaire, in his mid 30s, as well as a passionate creative entrepreneur. I met him through a friend of mine and pursued getting to know him because I thought he was very interesting and that we likely had a lot of common interests with both clarinet and entrepreneurship in our background as passions.

Russ Rosenzweig started out pursuing music, clarinet, as a life pursuit and was not sure what to do with it so instead he built a business bringing expert witnesses to trials all around the world. His business is called The Round Table.

Russ is very creative and interested in the concept of developing more creative artistic people to be entrepreneurial. He has expressed to me, a few times now in fact, how much he wished he knew me when he was trying to figure out how to make a good living with the clarinet. Fortunately, his passion for seeing the arts thrive remains with him to this day.

Besides getting to know him, and enjoying playing some duets with him yesterday, I asked Russ if he would host a fund raiser, one of several, this spring, to raise money for The Bite Size Arts Ensemble’s production development costs. He enthusiastically agreed.

Bite-Size artists, Ralph Wilder from The Ralph Wilder Orchestra, Steve Wolf, Major League Models, Tony Dale, Drummer extraordinaire (read Borat and Death of a President post), also all gathered at my home, over this past weekend, to continue our dialogue about building a production to take with me on the road to universities across the country. Our mission is to build a production that will involve the community, both inside and outside the school body, and accompany my speaking, starting in, I hope, Fall of 2007.

The development of any production, creative work or anything that is artistic is always a messy process. The bigger the vision of it is, the messier it gets!

The four of us got together to brain storm and found that our ideas were flying everywhere. We were careful not to discard or judge any idea, but instead focus on twisting each one into a new shape and viewing them from every imaginable direction; to gleam their merit and dimension.

We are making some great headway but nothing concrete yet to report.

We are still looking for a bass player and we hope to find the right someone who is hopefully female, college age and perhaps someone who is into film, radio or theater.
If you have any doubt that I am indeed building a bicycle in front of you that I have never built before, know that like you, I face uncertainty, a myriad of options and possibilities and unknowns… and I love it!

I knowingly work in this arena most often because it is both personally and professionally exhilarating and I fundamentally believe that if you follow your heart, and trust your gut, the right things will come to you if you pursue passionately and plan accordingly.

2 Chicago Events to Attend

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On Tuesday January 9, at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago (164 N. State St.) from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Bill Ivey, Former Chairman of the NEA ( National Endowment for the Arts), will lead a dialogue based on his groundbreaking article “America Needs a New System for Supporting the Arts,” which originally appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education in February 2005.

There will be a champagne reception at 3:00pm, followed by the program at 3:30pm. This event is FREE for all Illinois Arts Alliance members and $10 for non-members (which can be applied towards a one-year membership). To RSVP, please email or call (312) 855-3105, x10. For more information and to download a copy of Bill Ivey’s article, please visit


On Saturday January 13th, 2:00pm, at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore across from the Oakbrook Mall, in Oakbrook Illinois,  hear Artistic Entrepreneur Kathy Pirtle and Dr. John Turner, DC, CCSP, DIBCN present Optimal Health with Traditional Foods. This is part of their continuing education series based on the book Kathy Pirtle and Dr. John Turner have recently published. For more information go to Performance Without Pain.

New Website, Bigger Purpose, Plan Unfolds

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Well after more then 30 days of thought, which has felt like forever to me, all of the decisions about the Entrepreneur The Arts Web site and its initial consulting, speaking and workshop content are all finally done. With the exception of some additional consulting services, still in negotiation with a couple additional incredible individuals.

I expect the new Entrepreneur The Arts Web site will go live in the next few days; after I approve its final draft. So for all of you who have been reading this blog, the next time you visitwill likely be inside the site- just click on the word Blog.

One of the most interesting things I have learned since starting this blog 33 posts ago, is that many who read it are adults; and not those right out of college!

It is NEVER too late, or too early, to improve, refine, define or excel passionately with a plan, a focus or a mission that will allow you, and those you will serve, to be immeasurably impacted personally, professionally, financially and positively.
Exploring who you are and what you are capable of, in a new way, can be life transforming and financially transforming. All it takes besides creativity is an open mind and passion.

So my target market is anyone who is creative, open minded and passionate. If you are, then you are a potential customer and someone who will benefit from my services.
Clearly, my defined market is eliminating the masses. It takes a special person to be creative, open minded and passionate; not just anybody will qualify.

And with that, by definition, I am knitting my niche, again; narrowly defining who I can help thrive.

I hope that person can be you.

The Old Yankee Stadium

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Creative entrepreneur, guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Wolf from Major League Models, will be unveiling, at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant 42 Central Park South  New York City, NY,  his most recent major league model; an exact miniature replica, down to the paint color of the seats, of The Old 1961 Yankee Stadium in New York.

The Old Yankee Stadium, which is being torn down now, to be replaced with a new modern version, will remain on display, in its only remaining perfectly intact form, in miniature, by Steve Wolf, in Mickey Mantle’s restaurant for four months. Its’ expected to sell for as much as $250,000; and worth every penny to the right Yankee fan, or maybe even to the team itself!

On January 17th, Steve will be at Mickey Mantle’s for a press conference and the stadium’s unveiling. If you live in the New York City area be sure to check this out. I saw the stadium about a month ago, and the score board was just starting to light up, but many details were still unfinished. It was amazing to see then and I can only imagine what it will look like now. I plan on being there- its too cool of an experience to miss.