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Leadership Training Contest for Women Only

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Come on ladies! It is time to learn how to lead…
Applications are due by April 11th 2008. You can apply online.


Reprinted from The April 2008 issue of Oprah’s O Magazine
Say you could learn the skills you need to become a leader—what would you do? Start a business? An organization? Manage a corporation? Run for political office? Improve your neighborhood? Save the planet?

For the first time ever, The White House Project, a national nonprofit group dedicated to getting women into positions of power, has created a three-day course especially for O readers who show leadership potential and have a vision for what to do with it. The training will be held in June for one weekend—check out the application by visiting

What to expect: Women Rule! will “take your passion and turn it into real purpose in the world,” says Marie Wilson, founder of The White House Project, which has successfully trained more than 5,000 women in the past 10 years. The course will include lectures by outstanding women in business, philanthropy, and politics; coaching and workshops; and lots of good ol’ girl networking. Each student will walk away with a plan for her original idea in hand. Part of what holds women back from leading, Wilson says, “is that mystery of How do you start something? When we show them what’s involved and that they can do it, they realize they already have a lot of the skills, or that they can develop them.”

Minnesota state senator Patricia Torres Ray can attest to that. After more than 17 years at state and county agencies helping low-income families on issues like education and healthcare, she grew frustrated that elected officials weren’t doing more. “I realized I needed to make a difference from a different place,” she says. She decided to run for office, but, she says, “I didn’t know how to frame my message, how to respond to questions, how to speak about myself. I had tremendous doubts that people would receive me well.” With the help of The White House Project training, she won handily in 2006 and plans to run for reelection in 2009. “It’s not until we take that initial step that we realize we have what it takes,” Ray says. “So my advice is, even when you think you’re not going to make it, try. You may be surprised at what you’re able to accomplish.”

To check out the application, visit by April 11, 2008. We’re banking on you to make a difference (we’ll follow up in future issues of O). The truth is, women still represent the minority in leadership roles—from politics (16 percent of Congress) to business (3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs). Says Marie Wilson, “I hope this leadership training is the best virus we ever contaminate people with.”

Gone Fishin’

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Every once and awhile each and every one of us needs time to decompress and regroup. That moment has come for me and until March 31st I will be on holiday with my family.

I hope each of you have a wonderful Easter. And if this is your spring break week, ENJOY IT! I sure plan to- especially knowing that officially spring has arrived, even if we are suppose to get six inches of snow this weekend. Warmer weather is almost here~

The Happenings of Transformation

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Written by Tama Kieves Awakening Artistry

These days, many of us are in the bog-swamp-fog of transition. Transition is that Jello-like place on the way to a new identity—a place that defies certainty in the meantime. Maybe we have chosen to leave something behind. Maybe we’ve been heaved off a crumbling ledge–with or without a severance package. Either way newness and “lack of control” have a way of sweeping in and taking our breath away, changing the course of our days, and leaving us hesitating before the Grand Void of Change.

Here’s what happens in transition – you’re left alone with your mind. You don’t know how things are going to go, and so you start making things up. Defeating thoughts trudge their cement-heavy suitcases in and pull out documentation evidencing your imminent and unmerciful doom. They have been waiting for years to show you this evidence and watching Perry Mason shows to practice their denouncing opening arguments. But really transition is a blank screen. You see what you believe, nothing more and nothing less. Take away the props of the everyday known world, perhaps your comforting successes, stare into the void, and before too long you see the buried stories you have about yourself. Most times, they’re hackneyed, but still haunting.

In-between time is acid on our egos. It’s a strong chemical that eats away at our self-worth and self-esteem until we shift gears and make use of our in-between time, not just any use, but soulful use. This is a time to heal and strengthen, let go of the self-attacking beliefs from your past, commit to your true desires and try on the bold apparel of a magnificent future self. This is a checkpoint. You can’t go into the big territory of a new life with the mindset of the past identity. Your old identity must be celebrated and laid to rest. Someone new, yet familiar as your breath, is emerging on the scene.

These powerful times can be frightening, but we can allow this natural process to birth and grow us. We are scared when we resist transition. Transitions are sacred when we enter them, when we are stripped, cleansed, detoxed and purified by them. They are shamans that disorient and clarify us at the same time, awakening a new vibration, manifestation, or expression of our soul.

So watch your thoughts during this time. “I’m stuck. I’m stuck here forever.” “What if I run out of money or no opportunities ever come my way again?” You wouldn’t have that thought unless you also had the thought that maybe you weren’t that valuable, maybe you weren’t that powerful, maybe you weren’t blessed and sitting in the silver chariot of your destiny–escorted by a consistent wise and inspired steed.

It’s easy to look upon a bleak future when your heart is closed down to yourself. But when you get clearer about who you truly are, the life you were meant to live, the love in your heart you have to give, your unequalled value, it is impossible to imagine a narrow path to a dire future. Don’t look “out there.” Don’t take your cues from the screen. Look at what you believe about yourTrue Self, not what you believe about the future, the economy, the way things are, the stock market, etc. Look at your soul, your precious radiant special package. Look at what you think you’d like to express or offer to others in our love-thirsty world. Look at what you know about yourself, deep, deep down, underneath the false modesty, the precautionary “don’t get your hopes up,” the conditioned cynicism of our times.

Go deep, deep down, past old conditioning, to an infinite place inside that believes in you, knows the brilliant and fluid life you came to live. This is the self that will lead the way. This True Self navigates the new territory. And everything that no longer serves your destiny will remain behind. That’s what the checkpoint is for. No falsity can get you through this door. The ancient laments, bad habits, and scornful self-perceptions can’t come with you into the next sweet expression of your life. This is purification time. This is sacred time. Bless this time.

And bless you all–and everyone–who travel here.

The Business of Easter

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Consumers are expected to spend $14.4 billion on food, apparel, gifts, flowers, decorations and candy to celebrate Easter this year, according to a National Retail Federation study.

The research finds the average consumer will shell out $135.03 on the holiday, similar to last year’s expected $135.07.

According to The Business Review, this year, 79 percent of consumers will hit the stores to stock up on marshmallow-shaped chicks, Easter baskets, plastic bunnies, flimsy hats and chocolate-covered eggs. Of those celebrating, the majority will spend an average of $41.09 on Easter meals. Consumers will also dish out an average of $23.82 for apparel, $21.42 for gifts, $18.12 on candy, $9.11 on flowers and $7.21 on decorations, according to the retail group.

While Easter is not a “retail” holiday, but a spiritual one, artful creativity seems like it needs to be included in the spending habits of the average consumer. What can you identify in your market place that is missing that next Easter you can create, market and sell?

Artist vs Entrepreneur

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Artists are taught to get it right the first time.
Entrepreneurs are taught that it is OK to make mistakes and improve.

Artists spend money on lessons, instruments and supplies with no expectation of financial return.
Entrepreneurs spend money on lessons, instruments and supplies that are needed to develop their idea or venture.

Artists focus endlessly on refining and improving their art form.
Entrepreneurs focus on refining and improving their products and services to the extent it fills a customer need.

Artists base their value on how well they create, play or perform.
Entrepreneurs base their value on how much others will pay for their service or product.

Artists are masters of expression.
Entrepreneurs use expression to masterfully guide the success of their venture.

The Eyes of a Leader

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Last week I spent three days at The University of Chicago attending a leadership training seminar. It was a fascinating experience rich with insights and great nuggets of wisdom about what it means to lead, some of which I would like to share with you:

The best way to predict the future is to help create it.
George Santayana, Philosopher

The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust, Author and Critic

Leadership is the larger-than-life capacity and readiness to motivate and mobilize oneself and others to sustainable action for a worthy and urgent cause.
Peter Koestenbaum, Philosophy in Business,

You choose who you are, as a human being. This defines you, your family, your business and your community– for the rest of your life. Your business is your current opportunity and practice field to develop your character. How will you choose?
Peter Koestenbaum, Philosophy in Business,

Do not ask, what needs to be done, but ask why is it NOT being done? What is in the way? What are the obstacles and the resistances to success?

People may say ” I do not have time for leadership talk, because I am doing it instead of talking about it.”

The question then becomes is that a strategy of evasion, self-deception and a denial of responsibility? Or is it a true precisely-to-the-point leadership response?

Who can tell the difference?

Only the leader in you can! You are the final authority. It is your voice that counts- since it is all in your hands!
Peter Koestenbaum, Philosophy in Business,

States of Dress

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For those of you interested in fashion design, Robin Barcus Sionina takes her art project “States of Dress” to a whole new level of design. Currently Robin is on a quest to create a site-specific, interactive “dress” sculpture in each state of the union. A documentary film is also being made about the process.

Willow Creek Dress in Wyoming, 2006

To see more of Robin’s amazing dresses and learn more about her work click here.

Support The Artist Deduction Bill

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Add your name to a list being sent to members of congress from Americans for the Arts urging congress to co-sponsor bipartisan legislation which would allow artists to take a fair-market value deduction for works given to and retained by nonprofit institutions. By doing so you will support the artists deduction bill.

Currently the U.S. tax system accepts that artistic creators should be treated differently than collectors, who donate tangible works ( paintings, manuscripts, etc.) to museums, libraries, educational or other collecting institutions. A collector may take a tax deduction for the fair-market value of the work, but creators may deduct only their “basis” value—essentially the cost of materials such as paint and canvas.

Click here and let congress know you support allowing artists to take a fair-market value deduction for the work they create when donated. Ask your friends to also do the same.

Entrepreneurial Development Cycles

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Stillness and uncertainty is a part of the life cycle of an entrepreneur. Moments of glory and purposefulness are too. We ride through the moments of glory and quickly become ill prepared for those moment of stillness and uncertainty. But we need to find comfort in them being part of the entrepreneurial development process too.

I am finding myself in this exact spot right now. I have completed a large cycle: written a book, found a great agent, and successfully have begun speaking about how to create value from art. I have done a good job. Reached goals I never thought I could reach. Built the foundation of something exciting and, at the same time, still really young and very new.

I am finding myself now staring at the uncertainties of Stage II.

A new stage of development means a whole new cycle of beginnings. A new period of growth, change and uncertainty all over again. Part of me is thrilled and part of me wants to pack up my bags with my accomplishments to date, still fresh and intact, and put them on my trophy shelf and let them collect dust instead of venture again into the unknown. Moving forward is a risk.

Or is it more about getting comfortable with development cycles?

I think the life of a venture is all about development cycles that, no matter what stage you are at, really look all the same.

Each begins with a sense of uncertainty, adventure, fear, desire and hope. I began writing my book and this blog in exactly this same place. I began speaking the same way. All that I have accomplished has come from a sense of adventure, fear, and desire but also with little expectation of what it would bring.

But as you grow your ideas and they begin to bloom, the shear fact your ideas have taken a visible shape to others, who then ask you questions about it, will cause you to want to include that word EXPECTATION into your vocabulary.

Expectations are dreadful because they create an assumption about what you can or cannot do and how you are suppose to do it and when. How dreadful to limit your potential by allowing expectations to let you down and keep your best most purposeful self waiting.

You see, I expected my book to be sold to a publisher by now. Everyone keeps asking me WHEN will my book be published. I began my adventure writing my book and blogging and THEN I wrote my business plan for the next big steps on my journey. Well, my plan says I am suppose to have a publisher now to move forward with my plan.

So now what? Should I allow my expectations to let me down?

How easy it is, with a few moments of success- a completed book, landing an agent, becoming increasingly accomplished speaking- ( fill in your own glory moments here…) to forgot that a business plan must evolve as you create it in real time. Entrepreneurial growth does not have room for expectations because you need that free space to add the needed head, foot or limb, that your EXPECTATIONS would never allow you to incorporate into the growth of your venture.

Every entrepreneur needs those moments of glory but sometimes they make us forget how creativity grows into something beautiful and strong. After all every rose begins in the mud and every cycle of growth and evolution in a venture must too.

What are You Destined to Be?

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When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks on January 14, 2000, the face of the organization began to change immediately. Once again Mavericks games had a party atmosphere as Reunion Arena rocked with the return of the “Reunion Rowdies.” Mavericks games became more than just ordinary NBA games – they were a total entertainment experience.

Cuban was not only successful at instilling a sense of pride and passion into Mavericks fans by presenting himself as the ultimate role model by cheering from the same seats he had in years past, but he also became the first owner in team sports to encourage fan interaction through e-mail on his personal computer. It was through this personal touch that fans throughout the Metroplex, and around the world, began to notice Cuban’s energetic personality and take notice of the Mavericks. He has personally responded to thousands of emails, and several suggestions from fans have led to innovative changes such as a new three-sided shot clock, which allows line of site to the 24-second clock from anywhere in the arena.

Today, in addition to his ownership of the Mavericks, Cuban is an active investor in leading and cutting-edge technologies and continues to be a sought-after speaker. This post is from Cuban’s Blog.

By Mark Cuban March 8, 2008

Every day I get at least one email from someone proclaiming that they are “destined to be” XXXXX. You can fill in the blank with any number of dreams the person has for themself, be it rich, famous, the best this or that. Of course they aren’t emailing me just to tell me, they email me to ask for money to enable them to be whatever it is they dream of being. For me, its a good problem to have. But it leads to questions. Do we know what we are destined to be, or do we find it through experiences ? Are each of us really good at something, and its just a matter of finding it ? Do we all have something that we would love to do every day and do we inherently know it, or do we have to find it ? Will what you love to do always be what you are great at ?

Personally, I always have enjoyed business, but I never knew that I had an aptitude for technology until I got a job at Mellon Bank that lasted all of 8 months. But during the many hours of boredom, I found myself sitting in front of a mainframe teaching myself a scripting language called Ramis and loving every minute of it. Which lead to me buying a TI/99A I think it was, for 99 dollars, attaching a tape recorder as a drive (how is that for dating myself) and teaching myself basic. Which led to… You get the idea. I loved every minute of it. Maybe I wasnt the best programmer in the world, but in combination with business and sales skills, I found something that was a blast to me that I could and did do 24 hours at a time and not miss a beat.

Personally, I don’t think people “know” what they are destined to be until they try it for the first couple times.

Going to college should be about experiencing as much academically as you possibly can, but more importantly, it should be about learning how to learn and recognizing that learning is a lifelong endeavor. School isn’t the end of the learning process, its purely a training ground and beginning.

IMHO, once you have learned how to learn, then you can try as many different things as you can, recognizing that you don’t have to find your destiny at any given age, you just have to be prepared to run with it when you experience it.

Of course there is always a caveat to destiny, and thats obligation. The greatest obstacle to destiny is debt, both personal and financial. The more people you are obligated to, the harder it is to focus on yourself and figure things out. I’m a blg believer that getting married is about finding yourself first, which makes it a lot easier to find the right person. If you can’t stand on your own, it’s impossible to successfully be part of a couple.

I’m also a big believer that financial debt is the ultimate dream killer. Your first house, car, whatever stuff you might want to buy are going to be the primary reasons you stop looking for what makes you the happiest.

How crazy is it to settle for a house , car or ?? over what it is you would like to do on an hourly or daily basis ?

Never Settle and there is no reason to rush. If you aren’t happy with where you are at, simplify your life and go out and try as many things as it takes to find what you may be destined to be. If there is such a thing.

Love My Startup More Than You

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Rizwan Virk, from the US, describes himself as a serial (sometimes parallel) entrepreneur, a technologist, investor, author and movie producer who recently moved to the Silicon Valley in California.

Rizwan’s poem, “Love My Startup More Than You” is about love, hope and the life of an entrepreneur. It’s about relationships and how they’re put on hold sometimes in the early days of a startup.

“It came from watching the way that my married friends were involved in starting companies. It’s not unusual here for someone to have a full time job, and be working nights and weekends for their own (or some friend’s) startup, which alas doesn’t leave a lot of time for romance.” says Rizwan.

“This poem is based on an old army marching tune from World War I – a time when young men ere leaving their girlfriends behind to go to fight in Europe. The original started “Cindy Cindy Cindy Lou, Love My Rifle More Than You”. I’ve changed Cindy Lou to be Cindy Lu, in honor of the large Asian population in Silicon Valley. And of course i’ve changed “Rifle” to “Startup”.”

Love My Startup More Than You

by Rizwan Virk

Cindy Lu, Cindy Lu
You know that my heart is true

But my Idea is very new
And we’ll make a million dollars
If only I can prove
That the market is true!

Cindy Lu Cindy Lu
Soon I’ll be home
And put my arms around you
But first
I’m being shown
Design specs I must review!

The beta downloads are a jumping
But so are the bugs that need a thumping!

Please let me know
When the baby is asleep
Then I can show
You how we’ll avoid feature creep!

Towards you my sweetheart I’ll always feel
A never ending attraction
But right now what I really need to show
Is more customer traction!

Cindy Lu, Cindy Lu
Don’t look at me that way,
You’ll worry yourself blue!

Once we raise our series A
Our mortgage will be easy to pay!

And if the company gets in a bind,
My investors will help me find
Some folks that are keen
To assemble a management team
And we’ll be on our way
To making lots of green!

So please don’t think that I’m mean
When I say:

Cindy Lu, Cindy Lu
You know my heart is true,
But just right now,
I love my startup
More than you!

For more interesting articles go to the Zen Entrepreneur.

Art Outside

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I just returned, last week, from a well organized event called Rise Austin where I spoke to an amazing group of entrepreneurial artists. Since my return, I have been flooded with emails from many I met there including this one that seemed too cool to not post. If you live in the Austin area, go and check this out. I myself might be there next weekend.


If you have never experienced the Enchanted Forest, now is your chance to see it in all of its glory! Those cute little forest creatures have outdone themselves this time.

Art Outside is bigger and better than ever this year, with hundreds of artists, musicians, performers and wild creations everywhere!

What is it?

It’s part carnival, part music festival, and one of the best showcases of local and ‘outsider’ art you will see all year. If you live in the Austin area bring the kids to get their faces painted or participate in a puppet show. Most important of all – come buy some art! We have lots of low-priced treasures for your bare walls.

For more information go to Art

The Snow Queen

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Snow flurries flutter around my face
beaming light rays like lightening bugs flying across the lake

The snow queen’s blanket of silky white
blurs the lines between open water and frozen ice

A late winter’s snow marches out of time
skipping the beat of Spring beckoning

Hey Opportunity, Are You Ready Yet?

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The laws of attraction are powerful tools when we accept that they really exist.

If you are reading this blog and starting to be the action-oriented, open, inquisitive receiver of what the world has to offer you, on your own road called adventure, then one of the biggest lessons that you and I will need along our path is this: opportunity knocks when it is ready!

This past week, as an example, I emailed and reached out to five new people I have never met. The first is the CEO of a Chicago based center for adult learning, another the organizer for a Chicago based council for arts and business. I also sent an email to the new owner of a for profit based learning institution focused on the arts in Chicago, and two other individuals I met briefly at a conference but did not have the time to engage them in conversation during very brief introductions.

Each of these contacts I wrote thoughtfully worded time consuming emails, because I recognize each as offering valuable resources: potentially to collaborate on projects, further both of our missions by in some way having an association, or if nothing more, serving as valuable networking opportunities to make a bigger daisy chain of contacts and networks in our worlds that overlap in some way.

Of the five people I contacted only one, the CEO of the Chicago based center for adult learning, replied.

Now, if you are new to this game called investing in the mission of your soul to build a business, you might find this kind of thing rather discouraging.

However, if you believe in the laws of attraction, instead, you will recognize that your purposeful mission is more valuable, powerful and perhaps, for the moment, waiting.

“Waiting for what” you ask?

Waiting for the right person, at the right time, to open the right door for your mission who will whisk you through it with open arms and embrace your vision as if they were part of your soul.

That is how it works. So keep knocking!

Knock and knock and knock knowing that WHEN the right opportunity is ready for YOU, that door will come flying open and be exactly what you need, in exactly that moment, to make exactly the right next step forward on the road to your adventure.

If it were easy, everyone would do it. If others had your vision, it would already be done and exist. But the cosmos is testing your sincerity and holding for you those cherished opportunities behind a door that you simply have yet to knock on.

So keep knocking, please, keep knocking. The world needs your ideas, vision and talents. Those who do not offer you the resources you need, by not opening their door to you, are simply not part of your journey- yet.

The Butterfly Effect of Networking

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Called the father of modern networking by CNN, Dr. Ivan Misner is a New York Times bestselling author. He is the founder and chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. His latest New York Times best selling book, Masters of Sales, can be viewed at Dr. Misner is also the Sr. Partner for the Referral Institute, an international referral training company. He can be reached at

I recently traveled to Necker Island in the Caribbean where I met with about 20 business leaders, including Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways and owner of the island.

My journey to this island was a dramatic example of the “Butterfly Effect of Networking.” The “Butterfly Effect” is the theory that a small action in one place has a ripple effect that creates a dramatic action in another place. It is like a pebble in a pond, creating ripples on the surface. For networking, it is about how a seemingly minor connection or conversation with one person may, after many ripples across the network, end in a dramatic connection later. During that week on the island, I lived that concept to its fullest.

It started several years ago when I received a phone call from a woman I did not know but who has since become a good friend. Her name is Kim George. Kim asked me if I would be willing to help with the creation of an online networking and social capital community. It took some work to put this together, but at the time I had no idea what type of ripple effect this request would have on my life. I did it because it fit the values and direction that I wanted to take my company. With that, the ripple began.

This relationship turned into a strategic alliance, which turned into a speaking engagement, which allowed me to meet Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul); which led to an invitation from Jack to participate in an international organization called the Transformational Leadership Council; which led to meeting a woman by the name of Nancy Salzman, owner of NXIVM Training. Getting to know Nancy led to an invitation for my wife and I to spend five days on the breathtakingly beautiful Necker Island where we met with financial wizards, movie producers, and successful business leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson (OK, I won’t hold back … this week was a networker’s dream).

The ripples that take place in the networking process may not be clear when the pebble drops into the water and the ripple begins.

What is certain is that there is a ripple.

And if you follow that ripple and make the most of the contacts you meet during each stage of that journey, it can lead you to making connections and creating relationships that may surprise you when you look back to where the journey first started.

The Road Called Adventure

In Emotional Intelligence on March 5, 2008 at 8:39 pm

Waiting for your first big break, first paying order or that big chunk of time you need to devote to building your business, is the twisty adventure filled road to your future.

If you see it that way.

And if you do, then you will hone your business ideas with friends daily, make a list of articles, websites and books that will advance your skills, set up lunches and coffee with individuals you have just met who might be of help to you along your journey and follow your yellow brick road until it buckles and changes shape.

Every yellow brick road does.

You see, the path to your best self and highest purpose through a business is not a straight line, nor a solid yellow brick road, but instead a variety of different paths at different times depending on where you are on your journey.

The beauty of the adventure is in gaining confidence that you don’t know what is coming next, but that you are doing something every single day to move towards finding that new road forward, that new contact that can rock your business world into a new shape or that important next step to making your dream real.

If you don’t keep chipping away at your vision daily you will quickly find, just like a close friendship, that your dream, that lead you to a yellow brick road in the first place, quickly will not seem so close to you if you do not invest in it, just like it was someone in your life you truly cared about. While your business cannot speak to you directly, indirectly it will through the contacts you make, friendships around it you build and lives you change with the products and services you sell. It truly will breath and be a life force on to itself that you can walk on, live on and build on, but first you must invest your time in it daily. June 20-22

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bob-headshot-1.jpg I met Bob Baker at the Self Employment in the Arts Conference 2008. He is a niche self published author who has done very well writing books. His best selling book is Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook: 201 Self-Promotion Ideas for Song-writers, Musicians and Bands on a Budget. However he has written some other fantastic books including: My Space Music Marketing, Unleash the Artist Within, and Branding Yourself Online.

Bob is a powerhouse of information and has created a one-of-a-kind bootcamp this summer that is a must do if you are serious about making a living in music.

What can you expect to learn?

Dozens of ideas you can use to make money and create multiple streams of income with your music

New music business models to create fan clubs, subscription plans, sponsorships, and more

How to use the secrets of Internet marketing to build a fan base, grow a mailing list, and communicate with your fans in a way that inspires them to support you

Ways to tap into lucrative niche markets you are most likely overlooking right now

How to craft story ideas and PR pitches the music media will love

This two day bootcamp will also offer:
Real networking sessions where you’ll not only be encouraged to network, but you’ll be forced to meet other attendees and figure out creative ways to help each other

Brainstorming sessions where the speakers and groups of attendees come up with rapid-fire ideas for several artists in the room.

A goal-setting plan with fill-in-the-blank forms you can use to craft your own blueprint that will turbo-charge your music career

Two follow-up conference calls with Bob and some of the Bootcamp speakers (one two weeks after the event; another four weeks after) to keep you focused and on track.

For more about this event go to

Here are a few of the guest speakers who will be speaking:

dereksivers-1.jpg Derek Sivers is the founder, president, and programmer of CD Baby and HostBaby. A professional musician since 1987, Derek started CD Baby by accident in 1998, when he was selling his own CD on his web site and offered to let some fellow musicians use the service, too. As this hobby grew, he refused all investors and advertising, choosing to grow slowly and quietly during the dot-com boom and bust.

CD Baby is now the largest seller of independent CDs on the web, with over $60 million in sales for over 200,000 musician clients. Esquire magazine’s annual “Best and Brightest” cover story said, “Derek Sivers is changing the way music is bought and sold … one of the last music-business folk heroes.”

ariel_photo.jpg Ariel Hyatt founded Ariel Publicity nearly 12 years ago. Her New York City-based company has publicized thousands of dates for touring bands, hosted hundreds of special events, and launched countless record release campaigns. An aggressive cheerleader for independent musicians, Ariel Publicity built its reputation by working primarily with indie artists.

In 2007 Ariel transformed her company into a 100% digital service called Cyber PR. The company gets bands exposure on podcasts, Internet radio stations, zines and blogs. Her staff matches artists to specific criteria based on genres (and locations for touring artists). Each campaign comes with an 8-week course on how artists can boost their own careers online and off.

nancyphoto.gif Nancy Moran is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and co-owner of Azalea Music Group. She has released four solo albums, toured from Boston to Austin to Anchorage, and has received radio airplay on over 100 stations across the US and abroad, including XM Satellite Radio. One critic called her “a major creative force to be reckoned with” while another described her as “nothing short of a [modern-day] Joni Mitchell.” She’s a member of the rollicking ensemble The Four Bitchin’ Babes and regularly coaches indie artists and speaks about music marketing, songwriting and creativity.