Innovating Through Artistry

Cyriel Kortleven

cyriel-kortleven-biothumbCyriel Kortleven is an enthusiastic, driven crew-member of new shoes today. Cyriel’s passion is moving people to become more conscious of new opportunities in their professional and personal life. Cyriel is specialized in two topics: creation and experience time.

Creation: workshops in creative skills and attitude; facilitating creative sessions (brainstorms); move people literally by combining creativity &improvisation theatre; reducing risk aversion.

Experience time: experiences (workshop from 1 hour until a XL-perience – 7 days without clocktime) around the topic experience time with the purpose to make people more conscious about experience time.

Cyriel also likes to work with bigger groups as a speaker, chairman and facilitator in an international context. He’s also the founding father of the Knights of NOW and Operation Brainstorm.

To read Cyriel’s most recent posts click here:

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