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The Creative Economy is the Antidote to Wall Street Woes

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This article, written by Linda Naiman, Creativity at Work, appeared on her blog on Sept 25th, 2008. If the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (the UNCTAD) is noticing the impact of the creative work force now in their economic data, just imagine what we can do if we buckle down and apply ourselves under a new administration in the United State of America?


According to recent reports from the UNCTAD, the Creative Economy is undergoing unprecedented growth compared with traditional services and manufacturing.

What is the Creative Economy?

UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) defines the Creative Economy as a set of knowledge-based economic activities making intensive use of creativity to add value to intellectual assets. The Creative Economy is comprised of Creative Industries which include film, music, publishing, new media, and design, which generate income from trade and property rights. Creative occupations include engineers, educators and scientists as well as those involved in the creative arts, design and entertainment.

John Howkins, author of The Creative Economy: How People make Money from Ideas (2001), defines creative industries as “The sum total of four sectors: The copyright, the patent, trademark, and design industries – together constitute the creative industries and the creative economy.”

Economist Richard Florida, suggests that America’s [and Canada’s] workforce advantage lies in our ability to solve problems, forge new frontiers, and quickly adjust to changing economic forces. The creative economy recognizes everyone is inherently creative, and that creativity is a driving force of innovation. Read the rest of this entry »