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The Network of Music Career Development Officers Conference

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The Network of Music Career Development Officers (NETMCDO) is an active international group of professionals working in the area of music career development. NETMCDO’s members provide information, advising, and resources to musicians to advance their careers across the spectrum of the professional music world. Members include music career center specialists, music school faculty, administrators, university generalist career counselors, private practice career advisors, and others.

Most of NETMCDO’s members focus on the careers of classical and jazz musicians, however, many of their members also deal with the entire range of the music industry.

The Network of Music Career Development Officers (NETMCDO) was founded in 1995 by Angela Beeching of New England Conservatory and John Blanchard of Manhattan School of Music.

The original goal was simply to gather together colleagues at similar music schools throughout the U.S. to discuss issues and get to know each other. When NETMCDO began to widen their circles and advertise their annual meetings in New York, they saw more and more interest from schools without career centers for musicians or course work on the business of music. NETMCDO have grown into an inclusive organization where “veterans” and “novices” alike share viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge.

NETMCDO is now a thriving network with members across the world. The Network communicates via an active Listserv, with over 130 participants, and an annual conference held each January in New York. The two-day conference is generally held in the days immediately preceding the Chamber Music America conference, since many of our members attend both conferences.

The 14th annual Network of Music Career Development Officers conference will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 13 and 14, 2009 in New York City. To register click here.