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Entrepreneurial Training Ground Found in Teaching Artist Disciplines

In Entrepreneurial Tool Box on September 11, 2008 at 8:41 am

As artists we are exemplary problem-solvers in our artistry and life-long learners constantly striving to improve, deepen and refine our artistic expression. We work specifically with the skills of creativity: discovery, wonder, and combining it with our knowledge of the world to create new experiencial revelations through our work.

Part of the way we do this comes naturally to us through associations we make and the metaphors we use to describe the unspeakable. An example of how metaphors do this can come from looking more closely at a statement like this: “My love is like a red rose”. Of course we all know that the person we love is not a foot and a half tall red flower, but the use of the metaphor allows us to imagine how that image relates to someone we love, deepening the substance, context or shape of it by confronting the boundries of our understanding, deepening our view and allowing new levels of understanding to be discovered as a result of the comparison the use of metaphors create to illuminate our subject matter.

An artistic education is an irreplaceable medium for developing this kind of intelligence and by working through a structured program that develops the use of metaphors more fully, through a teaching artistry development program, artists have a wonderful breeding ground for developing the kind of innate skills also required of an entrepreneur.

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