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Contestant #10 Stan Pope

In Entrepreneurial Artist Contest Contestants on February 14, 2009 at 9:33 pm

Written by Stan Pope
I’m pleased to enter this contest; I feel something like this to find talent based on the quality of the artist, as opposed to how young or cute they are, is really needed in these times.

In my case I wish to have your group consider this. I personally know of no other Artist that has produced music of this complexity alone. Nothing in my music is sampled, sequenced, or artificially produced. Everything is played in real time on either a keyboard, or lead guitar, with the basic drum track as the only exception. No help with writing either, in any way.

I also want to call your attention to the music style. It’s unique. I call it Nu Groove it’s a rock, funk fusion mix. The way it’s structured is a new style, as different from R&B as rock is from blues…a new approach in music. To get a real evaluation of the style I think you’d need to listen to more than 1 song, but I will attach one that I feel will give you the overall idea.


All the music for my songs was written and performed entirely by myself. No one else assisted in any way, and all but 2 of the 15 songs the lyrics were written by me as well. I’m trying some new things with a rock lead guitar by using it in ballads and in concert with Lead Vocals in a way I feel is unique.

This music is the result of a multi-year effort and I very pleased to realize this personal accomplishment. I left Chicago as a vocalist with a show band. I sang 2nd Tenor in the background mostly. I was part of a 4 man vocal group made up of my Brother, Myself ,and 2 others. My brother was our main Lead singer at the time. I also did some lead vocal.

When I left Chicago I vowed I wouldn’t return until I was successful in music. After a year or so on the road the band we had broke up and left us out of work as vocalists. My brother and I decided to learn to play so we could back up ourselves. He chose bass and I the lead guitar. In couple of years we were playing and singing with the Pope Brothers Band. We played mostly in southern California clubs and military bases, as we had relocated to San Diego by this time, to be close to L.A.

My brother and I wrote some songs and came very close to a record deal at points. We recorded with Perry Kibble who wrote Boogie Oogie Oogie with Taste of Honey and was offered a distribution deal with CBS, only to fall short in the funding to finish and deliver the album. My Brother went on his own and I couldn’t find anyone to work with me on original material. They just wanted to do cover songs and clubs, so I decided to learn to play keyboards and do my CD myself. I had already written most of the songs I needed and I had quite a bit of recording experience as a studio musician with Perry Kibble and Walter Johnson.

I was able to buy myself a 16 track professional digital studio and I went to work. My music is my own original style I developed. I call it Nu Groove. It’s a fusion of rock and funk..and where I think music was possibly heading, if not forHip-Hop. So now I’m poised for the next phase of my life long plan. I’ve done
everything else up to this point so I’m hoping I won’t have to buy it too.

I hope you love the Nu Groove… I seek to put more passion into my music, really though, let me know how you like it. And look out for me, I’m coming!!!!!!!!! Since I’ve done this alone and I’m the only person involved, I’m starting to seek others that would be interested in participating with me in launching this music. I have a lot more than what’s posted here and look forward to any producers, musicians, financiers, promoters, publicist, and anyone else that feels the passion, the potential of this. If you want to come aboard message me and lets talk.

You can also find a little more content from me and a longer preview of all at or for a more complete playlist.

Stan Pope