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Pressure, Pain and Freedom

In Emotional Intelligence on February 9, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Its been a period of challenges creatively for me. I have been wrestling in silence, unable to write, with a specific pivotal connection I needed to make in a chapter in what I hope will be the final creative edit of my book. I have felt enourmously pressured to figure it out, because my ideas are so close to being connected; yet I have not been able to articulate how they fit cohesively together.

I have spent over eight months of time on this book, and as each day passes my commitment to the project and desire to see its outcome grows; which is likely the source of the pressure I feel.

Yet through my song writing diversions, which has been liberating and freeing creatively, perhaps because I am yet unattached to this process and am allowing myself the freedom to try this new thing; I feel no pressure at all!

Perhaps its exactly that sensation of creative freedom, without my judgements interfering, that has allowed me to finally write the three pages late into last night that I needed to connect my points together into a solid cohesive compelling thought.

Its funny how writing this book started out the same way, as a freeing experience, and as I have become more involved in the creative process of it, I need new sources of creativity to recreate my ability to be creatively free.