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Uhhm, would you help me? No, that’s ok, forget it…

In Author: Lisa Canning, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box, Interesting Articles, WEBSITES & BLOGS on September 16, 2008 at 5:10 am

I think learning to ask for help, and then acting on it, is one of, if not, the hardest lesson in life to learn.

And, an even more challenging “mindset” to cultivate, as a teacher, in another.

As artists we are taught to develop a critical eye– to find what’s wrong with something first, instead of finding its virtues first, so that we can improve and learn from it for the sake of our artistic development. As a result, often, our inner critic has little room to accept the help we need because we are too busy beating ourselves up with a laundry list of mistakes and short comings to find room to take one more opinion or suggestion that might deepen or further our painful realizations.

Or, perhaps, we believe our inner critic has served us well, often serving as a self preservation mechanism, because our experiences listening to it tells us: “I have always made every decision and done everything on my own with enough success for me, thank you, so why would I need your help anyway?”

The article below, Nobody Does it Alone, was spot on in reflecting my own experiences learning about asking for help, which for me began my senior year in college in earnest, when I started my first entrepreneurial venture. Why then? Because I was in-over-my-head and simply could not accomplish what was needed without help. Thank God for it too because the incredible new doors of exponential growth that occurred then, and continues to this day from learning to ask for help, has taught me what an incredible strength- and not a weakness- it is to be able to.

If there was any one thing in this entire world I wish most for to change, if I could have just one wish granted, it would be this– for everyone in the world to be able to learn to ask for help and act on the support they are given. Certainly not because everyone who offers help is perfect, or better than us, or necessarily even right, but largely because so often it is exactly the help we recognize instinctively that we need in that moment to transform our situation, or move a critical step forward in our lives, if only we would ask for it and then accept it.

And, the irony of it all is that the struggle and barriers to be able to simply ask for it, and act on its benefits, lies deeply rooted in what, as artists, we are most blessed with: our imagination. This very strength we have helps us create part of what can hold us back from being able to make great strides forward– if we let it.

Enjoy this article by Jonathan Fields

Nobody Does It Alone

Simple fact…we need help!
Simpler fact, we need even more help asking for help!
At least I do. Whether it’s learning to blog, researching a new market, launching a business, snowboarding, being a good father, husband, partner and, well, just person…I need help.

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