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The New Bite-Size Arts Ensemble Logo- Animated!

In The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble on December 9, 2008 at 10:20 pm

The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble, albeit in its infancy as a Chicago based ensemble, is a concept I developed to bring the meaning of entrepreneurship alive to artists, arts students and recent graduates. As a result of an education system that currently teaches us mostly the art of preparing for “performance,” the purpose of the ensemble is to take the unique talents of each participant and create a performance that reflects what each of the participants creativity can offer the corporate and community at large. As part of the show each participant also will create an hour long workshop that is fee based to offer corporations or the community as creativity training.

The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble offers a group of artists customized performance oriented entrepreneurial training, or a school a new inexpensive entrance into teaching entrepreneurship. By learning how to bridge the gap into entrepreneurship, this ensemble offers a way to start testing your entrepreneurial concepts through marketing to the community at large. It can lead to helping you develop your own niche small business model–one that uniquely is your own.

If you live in Chicago check out our site at We are looking for more artists to join us. Our website however is about to be rebuilt to reflect not only the training program offerings but also our upcoming concerts.

The Chicago Bite-Size Arts Ensemble has been going through some changes already- to be expected. Some artists found it too big of a stretch to evolve and have moved on and others are working on accomplishing their business models. While entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, it certainly creates opportunities for artists to think in new ways about how to thrive using their art form.

We are currently begining to plan a series of performances jointly for 2009 with Blue Damen Pictures that will include several shorts from a featured film they are working on. I hope you like our new animated logo. It was created by Jillian Solarczyk.