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Inside The Giving Side

In WEBSITES & BLOGS on February 18, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Are you familiar with

This site offers some rare glimpses into the world of nonprofit funding. Philanthromedia have begun a video series that will feature interviews with program officers from leading foundations.

“For the vast majority of folks who seek philanthropic dollars – be they nonprofit staffers, board members, or your average Jane with a great idea for making the world better – the world of funders is a seemingly impenetrable mystery. Even for those who have worked in or closely with foundations, the ways of funders are often hard to understand.”

“While myriad books, websites, panels, seminars, certifications, undergraduate and even graduate programs have emerged to guide grantseekers through an increasingly competitive environment, few and far between are opportunities to hear directly from grantmakers themselves.”

This interview with Ben Cameron, program officer for the arts at Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, was one of their Philanthromedia’s first attempts to go “inside the giving side” with web video. It is great to see foundations finally beginning to think about innovation in the arts. All this good news just keeps my heart singing.