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As Artists, Our Manifesto

In Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box, The Idea on September 15, 2008 at 5:13 am

Most of us in the arts recognize the discovery process we engage in daily, to create our works of art, that lead others to inspirational moments witnessing what we create.

But as artists we must come to understand that our role is one that has a much larger purpose which includes opening the minds of others, crossing boundries in thinking, and creating opportunities through the human bounding of artistic expression to unite people, places and ideas. We are bridge builders, idea sparkers, innovation creators who can serve as a catalyst for others to find their own source of inspiration, imagination and generation of ideas.

Our goal should always be to illuminate the hearts and minds of others first, to engage them in dialogue through the common unifer that our artistry can bring second, and yes, thirdly to find a way to profit from it consistently.

While the pursuit of art begins as a self filling journey, and one that leads us through a rigorous introspection of our needs, values and desires, we have an obligation to turn our inner workings inside out by using who we are to serve as leaders, innovators, communication builders and transformational connectors for all segments of humanity and to introduce the lightening rod of artistry for learning.

This is what comes with our gift of artistry.

It is our obligation to learn how to most purposefully learn to use it, to not only serve at the center of learning for others or to provide the cultural connections we as human beings need, but importantly to serve as a catalyst for economic development and creation that will allow for our important skills to be placed as the center of what the world values.

The reason we must do this is simply because the individual experience of art is that important to the creation of future leaders of the world, and, future leaders are the economic engines and change agents who’s ideas are utilized around every subject matter, including the arts, to stimulate economic development and global change.

We have an obligation to each discover our role to be at the center of the evolution of a world we each can impact. Where can you begin?