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The DIY Artist

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Written by Kamal Sinclair

Kamal Sinclair is a professional artist and consultant, who works to balance the creation and business of art. Currently, she is the Executive Director of Strategic Arts Consulting and is working with Fractured Atlas on the expansion of their Professional Development Program. She is interested in empowering artists and arts organizations with business knowledge through entrepreneurship seminars, business planning workshops, situational analysis, and strategic planning.

As we have all witnessed, the world has been “re-created” by the exponential growth of the web and technology. The Internet has fundamentally changed how we conduct business, socialize, and manage our lives. Rapid advancement and exponential increases in global communication have created an entirely new competitive environment for most industries. Older companies are restructuring to remain competitive and newer companies are emerging to meet the unprecedented demands of the “information age” customer. The cost of producing and distributing products and services has decreased so dramatically in some industries that traditional supply chains have shorten or rerouted through new intermediaries. Artists and arts organizations have not escaped these changes.

Traditionally, artists were tasked with developing their craft, then “auditioning” or “presenting” for an intermediary such as a film studio, theater company, record label or gallery. The intermediary would often invest in the continued development of the artist’s work, prepare it for the marketplace, expose it to an audience and sell it for a profit. The same model persists in the not-for-profit arts sector, except that raw talent is cultivated by organizations that received philanthropic funding or government support. Regardless of whether the middle man is for-profit or not-for-profit, they both operated a supply chain in which artists audition for their “big break.” Read the rest of this entry »

Fractured U: Continuing Education Resource for Artists Online

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Need entrepreneurial training? Good news! Fractured U, a service of The Fractured Atlas organization, started in 2007, is building online courses for artists of every discipline. While they currently offer only a few classes online, they just recently finished a call for new course offerings as of September 1st. Not only will their roster of course offerings expand greatly, but those who submitted classes were paid $1000 for an introductory course and $500 plus revenue sharing for advanced courses. What a great idea!

This organization mission is to be a deep resource for all artistic disciplines. They seek to help artists and arts organizations function more effectively as businesses by providing access to funding, healthcare, and education in a context that honors their individuality and independent spirit by nurturing today’s talented but underrepresented voices, hoping to foster a dynamic and diverse cultural landscape of tomorrow.

What a great organization and perhaps just the kind of support you might need right now!

About Fractured Atlas
Fractured Atlas was founded in 1998 by current Executive Director Adam Forest Huttler. For their first few years, they operated as a performing arts producer in downtown New York City. In that form they worked with a hand-picked roster of exciting young theatre companies, choreographers, musicians, and performance artists.

The events of 9/11 threatened to close Fractured Atlas’ doors permanently, but with strong support from their Board and executive leadership Fractured Atlas reinvented itself as an arts service organization in 2002, with the goal of more effectively impacting a wider segment of the arts community.

Since then Fractured Atlas has launched a broad range of programs and services, including the Artists Affordable Healthcare Initiative. In recent years they have added liability insurance, professional development, and advocacy to their activities. Fractured Atlas’ fiscal sponsorship program has grown from 6 local groups to over 1,000 nationally, and in 2008 our membership topped 5,000 artists and arts organizations, with an expanded audience of 55,000 through the Open Arts Network.

As the first service organization to serve the needs of arts groups as well as individual artists in all disciplines, Fractured Atlas is a unique and vital new resource.

To that end, Fractured Atlas has been an arts industry leader in the use of technology to address challenges facing the arts community, share information and resources, and empower arts organizations with practical tools for managing their operations. Nearly all of Fractured Atlas’ services are accessible online, from health care to fiscal sponsorship to professional development.