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Fractured U. – School’s in Session

In Author: Lisa Canning, ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Entrepreneurial Tool Box on September 17, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Last year Fractured Atlas piloted Fractured U. as a simple series of introductory online business courses that address the emerging needs of artists and arts managers. Now, after conducting surveys, interviews and putting a callout for proposals for artist tailored courses, they have a new improved line-up of offerings.

Currently, Fractured U has three core introductory courses available:

Professional Identity Demystified – At this point in your life, you have probably tried to answer the question: “Who am I?” many times over. If you’ve been successful enough to figure out that you are a creative professional, then you’ve already made huge strides towards demystifying your professional identity. However, there is more work to be done. This course walks you through some basic steps to clarify your professional identity that will lay the foundation for all the strategic planning work to come.

Marketing Demystified – As an artist or arts organization, you have to be able to market your creative offering. And, since you’ll be competing with other art professionals, as well as every other place people spend their discretionary income (e.g. restaurants, bars, clubs, movies, amusement parks, sporting events, etc.); you need to make sure your efforts are targeted and compelling. This is an introductory course that will explain marketing basics like market research, segmentation, positioning, pricing, distribution, promotion, and designing your creative offering.

Fundraising Demystified – Producing art is generally not inexpensive. We as artists need money to survive and to make our art. But many of us don’t always have full-time, salaried jobs or trust funds. So, how do we go about paying for the work that we want to produce? We fundraise! This course is an introductory course that breaks down the overwhelming world of fundraising into very manageable concepts and tools.

Over the fall semester Fractured Atlas will gradually launch more advance courses on topics such as:

Social Media Marketing

Shopping Your Screenplay

Presentation Venues

Board Development


Organization Management

Advanced Fundraising


Art Access

Becoming a Legal Business Entity

Check out the new and improved Fractured U. They are a great organization doing meaningful work.