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Networking With A Purpose

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Fashion, Music on April 4, 2008 at 1:10 am

“What makes us who we are?
What do we all share?
A story.
Every story has a beginning, a vision, a journey
A struggle
Everyone has a past, a secret, a burden, a weakness, a passion, a dream
Everyone has a story”

This quote has stuck with me ever since hearing it months ago. It seems to fit perfectly to my business concept, Direct Fusion Entertainment. Everytime I strike up a conversation with someone I feel as if they offer their business card to me. Business cards are just empty promises if you do not act them. If you do not believe me, read Keith Ferrazzi’s book, “Never Eat Alone.” I believe networking is essential but, many people are serial business card collectors. If someone hands me a card I will gladly accept it but, with the advice of Lisa and other advisors I feel as if I have the secret ingredient to networking. The secret ingredient being, INTERVIEWS.

Over the past few months of I have interviewed road managers for artists, a founder of one of the largest clothing brand, school administrators, and event planners. These interviews have turned into them sharing their passions, their dreams, and journeys which all equates to them sharing their story. Having their stories laid out in front of me has allowed me to seek key insight into how to develop my business concept of a traveling fashion show and concerts with the target market being college students. As the motto goes, “been there, done that.” These professionals have provided valuable insight into how to shape my business because they have a wealth of experiences.

As of now, market research is fundamental for how I will approach my business idea. I developed a questionnaire for school administrators to answer which will allow me to understand the possibility of bring a fashion shows to their school. The questionnaire is structured in a manner that will allow me to analyze a school’s budget along with how they handle event logistics. Having this information prior to fully launching Direct Fusion Entertainment will allow me to tweak the necessary areas to hopefully, make a success business in the future.

I’m in the process of collecting countless pages of interview reflections verse pages of business cards with empty promises. I am a young entrepreneur but, if you heed any advice from me, remember to learn to share your story with others because you might just help someone spark the next big idea.