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Are You Interested in Contributing to Building the ETA Community?

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on January 17, 2009 at 11:48 pm

dreamstime_85940The entire Entrepreneur The Arts site is in the process of being reconstructed, again! In April, 09 we will have a brand new website that will include a member only FREE resource center, (for the price of your contact information) offering you access to an ever growing number of arts entrepreneurship resources- 400 to start. The center will include sections on conferences and workshops, links to webinars and articles by subject category, information about who’s out there already doing individual coaching, what institutions of higher education are offering arts entrepreneurship training, granting organization sources for your start-up, recommended books to help you on your journey and overall general support. Could there be more? We hope- so additionally, we will also be rolling out a monthly webinar series featuring artists at all different levels, and from all different points of view, on their entrepreneurial journey. Oh, and we’ll be offering podcast interviews too.

While the name, logo and mission for this site began as a result of my own vision, it is clear, based on comments and readership, we are becoming an online community.

My vision for Entrepreneur The Arts is for it to become a deep resource for anyone, from any artistic disciple, who is interested in knowing more about artistic entrepreneurial development, social entrepreneurship and connecting with others who have similar interests. It’s going to take a village to create the kind of momentum required to transform society’s thinking, as well as our own, as to how we truly CAN contribute to changing the world in new ways.

The expression of our artistry through the tool of our individual art forms, which we have invested heavily in learning how to use, only represents part of how we can use our creativity. We owe it ourselves to continue to creatively evolve, as “creative professionals”, and continue to learn how we can also use our artistry as a catalyst to innovatively help solve our world-problems.


Because the kinds of problems the world has right now REQUIRE the kind of creativity we have in abundance, regardless of how narrowly it has been, up until now, developed. We simply must learn how to evolve it into something far more valuable, not only for us individually to finally financially benefit from, but also for the needs of the world to tangibly benefit from.

Please don’t misunderstand what I am really saying: I love to play the clarinet for an audience! I think concerts, theater, and whatever you would call “live-art-experiences” are VITAL to the world. How else would our audiences receive the majority of their experiential education- EQ development- but through the living breathing world of alive-art, through the humanities at large? I simply think WE are too quickly forgotten in our “ADD world”. We need to create an abundance of life changing experiences that are made to make lasting impressions. The kind that are positive, innovative and make the world a better place.

Your creativity is potent and powerful once you understand how to tap into it and let it flow through how you live and all you do.

Entrepreneurship training for artists– the embodiment of the proper development and training of the entrepreneurial ethos in particular– in itself is a bridge to an ingenuity gap on two fronts. One by changing the views of society about the true value of the arts, which will finally open up the door for artists to receive not only the recognition but also the financial rewards their creativity deserves, and secondly by developing and taping into a rich under utilized creative resource which the world needs now more than ever to again thrive.

I realize I can never share my vision in a few words, forgive my passions for hanging out all over the place, but for those of you who are called to action I need your help now in a bigger way.

To continue to move towards this valuable mission, I need the addition of three to five new bloggers- new voices and perspectives- who are willing to commit to a minimum of one post every other week for a minimum of one year. Yes, I realize this is a commitment but there are MANY benefits that come your way for contributing time and energy to ETA too.

Not only will your contribution be of tremendous value to supporting the development of the hopes, dreams and aspirations of others, but it is also a great way to draw attention to the evolution of your own creative entrepreneurial journey and vision, even if you have yet to begin. Oh, and did I mention this is a brand new market? You can be a trail blazer too! But seriously, for these very reasons, building an audience for your vision is going to take time in any emerging market. This is an opportunity to test your wings and grow interest in your ideas and aspirations inside a community of like minded individuals.

Now having said that, you might also be a teacher and wanting to share the journey of your students or you might be an administrator or business owner trying to figure out how to advance creativity inside your school or organization. I am so glad you “get-it” and are leading the way into 21st Century Thinking. You see we need all of these perspectives because they will provide tremendous value to the readership here at ETA too.

So, if you are interested in contributing to the ETA blog please contact me, yours truly, If you know someone who might be, please take a moment and pass this post on. And if by chance you don’t feel quite ready to blog just yet, but you have a suggestion or comments about what else you would like to see on the new website, please share. And lastly, if you are on the fence about entering the competition, this post is 1135 words, so you get to write less!

This site is about building a community of diverse artistic perspectives who rally around a common cause: to create more valuable career paths for artists, by exploring new ways to innovate through artistry, to provide a measurable benefit to society. I truly believe that we as a group have the intellectual capacity and creativity, but just lack a deep understanding of how to live the entrepreneurial ethos. Trust me, you can learn how to. You can also learn how to teach it, once you do.

So far, this site has grown entirely by your word of mouth. We have over 500 readers daily so far. I am proud of what only together we have accomplished up to this point. With your help, we CAN dramatically increase awareness and hopefully by doing so change the attitudes and perceptions of the value of this work in higher education, through out society and most importantly for the realities of future generations of artists to come.