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Beyond Talent

In BOOKS: Learn and Grow on December 17, 2007 at 12:18 am

Published in 2005, Beyond Talent, written by veteran music career counselor Angela Myles Beeching offers up a comprehensive guide for musicians in search of work, demystifying the steps to success.

Drawing on a wealth of real-life examples, the book untangles artist management and the recording industry and explains how tofind and create performance opportunities. Guidance is also provided on grant writing and fundraising, day jobs, freelancing, and how to manage money, time, and stress. Straightforward and reader-friendly, Beyond Talent is filled with practical tips, examples, checklists, sample budgets, goal-setting exercises, and extensive resource listings.

This handbook goes beyond the usual “how-to”; Beyond Talent helps musicians tackle the core questions about career goals, defining success, and imagining and then creating a meaningful life as a professional musician.

A couple of chapters of of Beyond Talent are available on line without a charge. Read it here.