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ETA Winner Eli Epstein Filming in LA

In Author: Lisa Canning, ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on September 21, 2009 at 8:56 pm

Heartbeat of AmericaThis morning the winner of the first round of The ETA competition, Eli Epstein, jetted off to LA to the Heartbeat of America Studio to film his 30 minute segment about his innovative Inside Out Concert Programming.

Not only will Eli benefit from having this very professionally produced marketing piece, that will be edited in 3 10 minute segments for him to utilize in developing his brand, but I can also tell you that Eli has ALREADY landed an amazing opportunity as a result of winning the competition.

One of the major symphony orchestras in the United States has hired Eli to do a number of pre-concert lectures utilizing his Inside Out Concert Programming. For all of you in the classical music world take notice! This is a MAJOR breakthrough. Classical musicians and administrators of classical music, by and large, are very conservative with their ideas and approach to market development.

eta-logo-revisedThere is still time to enter Round II of the ETA competition. What’s your ETA to Entrepreneur The Arts?

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