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Chicago Arts Incubator at Flourish Studios

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StarvingArtist©2009Flourish Studios Opens New Incubator Program to Turn Local Artists Into Successful Entrepreneurs

Flourish Studios, in association with Entrepreneur the Arts®, to offer retail space and intensive marketing and selling training at no cost to Chicago artists. The Flourish Artisan Program aims to give creators of all disciplines the tools they need to make the “starving artist” a thing of the past.

Chicago, IL – September 17, 2009 – Flourish Studios, in association with Entrepreneur The Arts®, is proud to announce a unique new artist development program tasked with helping local artists of all disciplines become thriving entrepreneurs. The Flourish Artisan Program gives visual artists a home on the Flourish retail floor, as well as intensive sales and marketing training at no cost to help simultaneously achieve their highest creative and business potential.

Founded by Dr. Julia M. Rahn, Ph. D., Flourish Studios is a multi-faceted learning gallery and retail space in the heart of Lakeview focused on building life skills to live our very best life. As a Clinical Psychologist with more than ten years experience helping people meet their individual goals, Dr. Julia created Flourish to be a relaxed oasis in an otherwise chaotic world, where clients can learn to create positive change at their own pace using the methods they find most inviting.

“It only made sense that Flourish would be the perfect home to launch this vital new program that aims to cultivate a new era of entrepreneurship and personal change in the Chicago arts community,” Dr. Julia said. “We believe that life is an ongoing creative project, and we’re looking forward to giving more people the means to find success through mindful self-expression.”

Accepted artists will be given space on the thriving Flourish retail floor to sell their work at a 50/50 profit split. To aid their new venture, artists will also receive a free marketing and business course with Entrepreneur the Arts® founder Lisa Canning on the intricacies of creating, branding and selling a viable product in today’s marketplace. There is no cost to the program, though creators will be expected to work 5 unpaid hours weekly in the Flourish retail space, to develop sales experience and market recognition for their emerging brands.

Upon completion of the Flourish Artisan Program, participants will get the chance to extend their relationship with Flourish via a low rent model of $100 and up for truly high end floor space for their product. This allows artisans to continue developing their independent business and credibility with the rare benefit of having a brick and mortar retail home.

To host this one-of-a-kind program, Flourish and Dr. Julia turned to Entrepreneur the Arts® founder Lisa Canning, an accomplished entrepreneur, artist and educator whose resume speaks for itself. Over the last twenty five years, Canning has created not one, but six multi-million dollar ventures, ranging from real estate property management to a musical mail-order and rental business. Her current venture, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, now requires only 20 hours a week to produce a six-figure income. As a renowned clarinetist, Canning also understands the unique challenges that face artists in their respective communities. With her next wave of ventures, Canning has turned her attention to sharing that experience with artists-on-the-rise. The first of these, Entrepreneur The Arts®, is an innovative training resource for artists, corporations, universities and governments that can be found on-line at

“I hold a passionate belief that the ‘starving artist,’ need no longer exist,” Canning said. “It’s an antiquated concept. In fact, artists are in the perfect position to prosper. The personal discipline and integrity that the arts foster give creators an automatic head start on the skills necessary to create a viable independent business. My goal is simply to show them how to wield those powers for the greatest good and, hopefully, the greatest profit.”

The Flourish Artisan Program is the first in a series of outreach initiatives designed to spread Canning’s bold battle cry for creators to Entrepreneur the Arts®. It’s not just a name, it’s a call to arms for those millions of starving artists to change the way they create, promote and sell so that they need starve no longer. The partnership between Lisa Canning and Dr. Julia Rahn will culminate in the Fall 2010 launch of the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship™ at Flourish Studios. This fully accredited two-year training program is focused on artistic venture creation and servant leadership. Canning developed the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship™ to fill a void left by most liberal arts academies, which emphasize the creative work without addressing the realistic concerns of turning that work into a sustainable lifestyle.

The Flourish Artisan Program starts it’s first wave of classes on October 5, 2009. Artists are encouraged to contact or call 847-774-2938 for more information on how to apply. For more information on Flourish Studios and their full calendar of programs, visit them on the web at

Lisa Canning, founder
Entrepreneur the Arts®

  1. What a fabulous enterprise! Congratulations to Flourish Studios, to Dr. Julia Rahn, and very especially to Lisa Canning for birthing this life-giving venture. What a leap forward for the City of Chicago, it’s people and its artists! Everyone wins!

    I cheer your initiative and vision!

    John Cimino
    Creative Leaps International

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  3. What a great way to help artists become self-sustaining. Kudos to both of you to enable this sort of learning. You show true innovation when tackling the age old problem of the starving artist.

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