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An idea for every new contact

In Creativity and Innovation on June 6, 2009 at 11:23 am

Through a colleague, I found a very interesting and creative businessmodel. Christine Santora and Justin Gignac are a couple from New York City who started with quite a special project: they have defined some wants for example – an Iphone, chicken wings, some sleep, … and they create a painting about that need (so they paint an IPhone or some chicken wings). The price for the painting is exactly the price for the item that they want. So if you buy ‘a slice of peperoni’, then you have to pay 3 dollars and they buy it and enjoy it.

They have a list of things that they want and also a list of things that they already have. It’s quite funny that they already went to Vegas and people have paid for their hotel, some gambling money, an all-you-can-eat-buffet, … and people have paid for each item and got a painting about the item instead. More info about their project here.

This is real entrepreneurship for me and let me take you a step further. If they can do it (and even find some customers), why don’t we expand their model and use it for your own profession. Eg, if you are into music, maybe you can make a song about your wants? I am a creative facilitator so I will come up with ideas about a topic that I want and sell my ideas for the ‘real’ stuff. So I want to have an old pocket watch, I can do a brainstorm about this topic and ‘sell 100 ideas’ to get an old pocket watch – worth 100 dollars?

And going even further, you don’t have to want physical things. I want to have contacts in the communication and event business in cities like New York and London so for every contact that I’ll get, I’ll send you an idea to broaden your own network. Mmm, very interesting concept, I let it grow a bit further and maybe I start my own ‘idea-shop’.


Request for ideas may start now … 😉

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