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a spoonful of sparkles

In BOOKS: Learn and Grow on May 17, 2009 at 10:07 pm

Together with a colleague, we’re developping a new concept ‘a Spoonful of Sparkles’. It’s a process to make your messages contagious. What kind of message should you spread to make sure that people will hear the message and that they will remember it. A lot of our inspiration comes from the book Made to Stick from Dan and Chip Heath (two brothers). They have done some research why some urban legends stick in your mind and other, very important messages don’t survive longer then a day. They found 6 principles that help to make your message sticky:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Storystick

The principles are very clear and they don’t look very special but the combination of the principles makes an idea special so people will remember it. Sometimes it isn’t necessary that an idea complies to all the principles but the more principles are covered, the bigger the chance that the idea will stick.

Now the interesting part (the principles are already interesting by itself ;-)) is that we have done several brainstorm sessions to explore different kind of methods to answer the HOW question. It’s very good to say that something has to be unexpected or have a story but how do you do that? We have come up with hundreds of ideas and worked out 3 or 4 methods in detail. So far so good and we thought that we were ready for our first real client (last Friday). What happened that there was still a bigger gap between ‘our theory’ and ‘the real stuff’. It went well but we had to improvise quite a lot and noticed that the audience reacted quite different on some techniques then our expectations. We are both experienced facilitators and I had some presuppositions that it would be an easy job. But we had to work quite hard to get a good process and a happy client at the end.

For me the biggest lesson is that entrepreneurship is something you have to do in the ‘real world’. You can make the most beautiful business plans and foresee all kind of reactions of the market (audience) but the only proof of the pudding is doing it in the outside world.


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