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CPSI Conference!

In Current Events, ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on April 21, 2009 at 8:19 pm

I will be presenting a PACE session at this year’s CPSI Conference, taking place in June 2009 in Boston.  Go to to check it out.


At the conference I will be presenting about the Principles of Design and problem solving.  The Principles of Design have been used by artists for centuries to create successful images.  These same principles can be applied to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, to access right brain thinking and to provide direction for creative problem solving. While proportion, harmony, repetition, contrast and balance have long been identified as key elements of the visual arts, they have yet to be widely applied to the art that is our life and our life’s work. 


This is an example of the Group Mural Project I facilitate with corporate clients.  This one was created by the team at The Sommet Group.  Each square was created by a different memeber of the team.  All they saw was the little square I gave them.  They had no idea of the finished image and, of course, most of them has zero confidence in their artistic ability!  Isn’t it gorgeous!?!?  How do you think they feel now?  They learned that they can’t put limits on their beliefs and that, as a team, they can create amazing change!  It is now hanging in their training room and they refer to it at the beginning of almost every meeting to get into their right brains so that they can innovate change!

Check out the blogs below for other creative approaches to problem solving and to meet some incredible people that will also be at CPSI this year!

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