Innovating Through Artistry

And … Action!

In Creativity and Innovation, ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on April 3, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Hello everybody, I am Cyriel – the Belgian guy 😉 And I am delighted that I can be part of this ETA-blog-community. I am living in Brussels and work most of the time in Belgium or the Netherlands. I am a speaker and  facilitator of creativity and innovation; busy with exploring the topic experience time and use a lot of improvisation theatre skills in my work. I would love to write about the ways how we use the arts in a business-context in Europe and maybe we can have some nice comparisons. In the next days I will tell a bit more about the network new shoes today I am in because I think it might be a nice example of how a group can work in a more artistic way of network instead of a business network. But for today, I want to share one of my favorite movies about entrepreneurship. Maybe you don’t see the link immediately but for me one of the essential aspects of an entrepreneur is taking risks. So you gotta have guts. And this movie reflects this perfectly. Enjoy it.

Creative Belgian wishes, Cyriel


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