Innovating Through Artistry

Will You Join Our Tribe?

In Creativity and Innovation on March 26, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Marketing guru Seth Godin offers this great insight about why anytime you want to change the world you need a tribe. Well, here at ETA we need a tribe!

We believe that Innovating Through Artistry can change not only our own lives as artists, but the rest of the world as well. To accomplish this mission we need to build a tribe. Will you join us?

  1. How can I (we) be the best tribe members possible? I loved the entry the other day that validated the artist’s role of asking questions, so here is mine. I am searching, and would love to be a part of the brainstorming, creative power of a tribe that seeks to integrate artistry more fully into our world.

  2. We welcome you with open arms Donna! Your in! So were shall we go from here??

  3. Good question, Lisa! (smile)
    I would like to ask this question to the artists:
    “What is your greatest need in building a self-sustaining opportunity for yourself to practice and continue developing your art?”
    And this question for corporations:
    “In what areas of your business do you need the creativity and beauty and passion of the arts?”
    In search of a way to bridge the two, I welcome all comments and ideas.

  4. Donna,
    I have been thinking about your question to corporations. I have, as my reply, a question for you:

    What area do you see that organizations as communities can learn from you where creativity, beauty and passion live?

  5. Lisa,

    I was reminded of your question when I read Adam Shames’ blog entry today. In what areas can organizations as communities find creativity, beauty and passion alive? I believe that area is the realm of human connection. Artists have a keen sense of what is experienced by all but expressed well only by those endowed with the gift to “speak” for all. Art speaks to the universal human experience: we all need this truth in our lives. When applied creative expression inspires us with beauty and passionately invites us to fuller life, it opens wide the market potential. (I keep thinking of those canoe designs that attract and invite a younger audience – an “untraditional” market – to experience the outdoors.) Organizations like ETA and Kreativity Network are communities that bring people together to network and build a tribe together… It is my understanding that your intent is to connect people creatively to brainstorm together. Are these networks of artists, or does the tribe include corporate networkers too? (I wish the “hub” were in my city!)

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