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Contestant #9 Christopher M. Simondet

In Entrepreneurial Artist Contest Contestants on February 10, 2009 at 11:03 pm

pictureTough Times, High Hopes
Written By: Christopher M. Simondet

Decisions are made every day for better and for worse. Throughout my life I have seen decisions that others have made and I have learned from them. I realized that every decision made has a ripple. The size of that ripple depends on the decision to be made. I had also realized that each person has a path. It is not always clear what that path actually is. I was once told that each person has a path and is always looking for it. What we don’t know is that we are already on that path. This knowledge came about after I found out that not everything in life can be controlled.

My life started out growing up in Minnetonka, MN raised by my parents, Jim and Julie. At a young age I looked up to mom and dad and always went to them for advice and counseling. I was a funny kid who was definitely different from most other kids and I loved to draw. I had an attention problem and was always in my own world but I was happy. As I grew a little older, I became more independent and less likely to listen to my parents. Right around my senior year in high school I started getting into trouble with the law. I was hanging around with classmates that weren’t the best influences and I was loosing sight of what was really important to me, and that was family.

Going to college at The University of North Dakota was a time of growth for me. I was able to explore my world and figure out who I was as a person. I started to really find my artistic side in a few art classes I had taken and took the initiative to design my fraternity’s rush shirts. Every body wanted one so the shirts sold in mass amounts. We ended up selling out of them and had orders for more. Being a student in commercial aviation I looked past what was really important to me and that was using creativity to design and to express my inner self.

Two and a half years into college at UND in the commercial aviation program I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I had been admitted into Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. My doctor struggled to get the right combination of medicine for me. The whole time I was in the hospital, I spent hours on drawing. After two weeks of being at Altru, I was discharged, still not doing well. Because of my condition I was no longer going to become a commercial pilot. I ended up leaving Grand Forks to move back in with my parents in Minnetonka. Life was very confusing at that point but I never lost hope.

Living with my parents again was ok at first but with our differed schedules, we began to get on each others nerves. I got back into school for Architecture at Dunwoody College of Technology when things settled and I had decided what I wanted to do with my life. I loved the program and was really getting into it. I was involved with the advanced student program, Phi Theta Kappa, and was burning the candle at both ends. I became sick again at the end of my first year. I was hospitalized again but, this time it was for three months. I then moved around to various housing facilities in Minneapolis. Through all of these hard times, the only thing that kept me going was my art. My true passion doesn’t lie within the art I produce and keep myself, it’s the art that I can share with others to brighten their day.

Once I moved out of the system’s hosing, I moved in with my brother in St. Louis Park. My true growth started the day I moved in. I have four roommates, including my brother, who care about me and want me to reach for the stars and succeed. I am the youngest in the house and have learned so much from these friends of mine. I have become a better person by being around them and have been able to share my art with each of them.

While living at my brother’s house, I joined the Family Savings Account program, through Lutheran Social Services, to secure some funding for the business I wanted to start, with the name Simi Stuff LLC. I went through classes, received business coaching, and wrote a very detailed business plan. I have just recently received access to the grant money and am now searching for suppliers to do business with. My company is very small but I like to say that I have big designs and big ideas. The artwork that I have presently been working on is all done with a black, ball point pen. I have utilized the “Continuous Line” concept that Picasso practiced, in most of my artwork. The designs I currently have in my portfolio are very unique. With these designs, Simi Stuff LLC will initially offer shirts, flex fit hats, zip up hoodies, wrist bands, and stickers. I am now back in school at Academy College for graphic design and absolutely loving it. Every day I look forward to what lies ahead for me.

My true passion is in drawing and is what I have the most practice at. I am always open to new mediums and plan on expanding my horizons with new ways to express myself. When I look at my life, all I see is art. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t even need to make sense. I haven’t had an easy life and I don’t see it getting much easier. Sometimes the most valuable lessons are learned the hard way and this is the knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Christopher M. Simondet

  1. this guy is definately very artistic.Thinks like an artist he is. Keep

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