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Contestant #8 Rita Milios

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Dream Share written by Rita Milios

Share a Book…Share a Dream

rita_photoLike most artists, I suspect, I have a unique relationship with the “offspring” produced through my creative endeavors (in my case, books). Each one is an expression of the deepest part of me and each brings forth into the world by its very existence a message, a gift that wants to be shared. My children’s middle grade novel, Dream Share, nagged me to birth it. Now it is nagging me to send it out into the world with a unique and dramatic launch so that it may hopefully open minds and hearts to a greater awareness of the spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal realities that exist in our world—realities that today’s children are awakening to at increasingly early ages. As a psychotherapist, I know that this generation of kids is in desperate need of reliable, mature, well-grounded sources of guidance and stewardship regarding the metaphysical/spiritual realm. With Dream Share, I am building on my past work and also building a foundation for future work that most truly represents who and what I am… as a writer, as a person, as a psychotherapist, and as a pioneer and stalwart soldier of the Ancient Wisdom spiritual traditions.

I am not new to the world of book publishing. I have more than thirty published books, many of them for children, and most related to education and curriculum. Dream Share is my first children’s novel. Over the years, I have seen the marketing aspect of the book publishing process become ever more important and the responsibility for the bulk of this marketing shift more and more to the author– something I resisted at first, but I now enjoy. I’m passionately excited about marketing Dream Share, because it opens the door to a long-range marketing plan that involves numerous creative endeavors that move my career path ever closer to my true passions and my true gifts, as a teacher and guide to those just entering a spiritual path, and as an advocate for the newest and most vulnerable of this population, the recently awakened children, who are currently too often left to their own devises and lack a source of reliable, trustworthy education about the powerful potentials they are discovering within them.

My middle-grade paranormal children’s novel, Dream Share contains a nonfiction section at the end, called The Story Behind the Story. Here paranormal elements of the novel are elaborated on, using an author interview, scientific explanations and information. Readers are told why I wrote the book (some of the paranormal events are based on events experienced by a school principal¬–an interesting tidbit of trivia for students). I share scientific views about the paranormal aspects of the story and information about how kids can use dreams to elicit their own inner guidance. I also provide templates for creating Dream Journaling Pages.

A Dream Share Day Awareness Project is scheduled to coincide with the Dream Share book launch. It will raise awareness of the value of using dreams as a source of inner awareness and guidance and will encourage the sharing of dreams–both nightly dreams and “dreams” as aspirations. It will link Dream Share to future activities for both children and adults. Some of the associated marketing projects include:

1 . Dream Share Kickoff Dream Contest: Readers send in a “special” dream to share, telling why it is special (scary, prophetic, provided a lesson etc.). The winner receives a My Dream Journal book to record their dreams and a Dream Journal Slumber Party Package (“I Have a Dream to Share” buttons for party participants, free pizzas and a personal phone or online chat with the author–parental permission required).

2. Online Dream Quiz – What Kind of Dreamer Are You? (Daily Dreamer, Problem-Solving Dreamer, Mystical Dreamer, Lucid Dreamer)?

3. Ongoing Contests:

a) “Thank You for Telling Your Friends” (Florida-based Contest) Participants win a chance for an in-person Author Visit to their school and for their class to take part in Dream Research when they refer Dream Share to friends.

b) “My Dreamy Valentine” Contest: Participants write about a “dream person” (characteristics of an “ideal” boyfriend/girlfriend/ pal). Winner receives a “Pleasant Dreams Package” (body lotion, aromatherapy items etc.) to help them feel special and have “pleasant dreams” and a “Pleasant Dreams Technique” booklet that teaches how to “ask” for a night of pleasant dreams.

c) Dream Share Readers’ “Pop Quiz”: Participants answer questions
about Dream Share . Prizes include: Slumber Party; My Dream Journal; Pleasant Dream Package.

d) Monthly Birthday Dream Contest: Participants write about their greatest “dream” (aspiration/wish) during their birthday month. Winners receive an email consult /chat with Author to brainstorm how to make their dream come.

4. Dream Share Book Clubs: Children have an opportunity to enjoy reading and discussing books on topics related to the spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal, with an adult “mentor” who can act as resource person. Club Leaders receive monthly book suggestions and Discussion Points handouts for selected book, plus Q/A tips and relevant child-friendly website links.

5. Ask the Dream Lady Blog and Internet Radio Show: Readers send in dreams for interpretation. Selected dreams will be discussed on Author’s internet radio show or her Blog.

6. Rookie Researcher Investigative Discovery Project: As a Writer-in-Residence, Author will teach students how to conduct simple surveys, polls and focus groups, using dreams as the research focus. This project offers an opportunity to reach parents through related educational workshops (Why it is important to talk to kids about their dreams?). It also provides an opportunity to garner media attention for the project, the school and the Author. The project has curriculum correlations to Language Art and Science standards for grade 4-

With these plans I hope to help others, especially children, share their dreams and embrace their potentials; and I also hope to fulfill my own dreams as an author, entrepreneur and spiritual mentor.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my dream with you today. May all your dreams come true!

Rita Milios, The Mind Mentor, Hudson, Fl.

  1. I admire Rita’s work, and I truly look forward to all of these Dream Share projects. The kids are lucky to have someone like Rita on their side. Good luck to her!

  2. I have had the opportunity to meet Rita. She certainly is an extraordinary person. I learned a lot from hearing her speak on many topics of interest and look forward to her future writings. She is an excellent teacher and I was fortunate to have the experience of being in one of her classes. Thanks to her I have grown more than I thought possible and will always be grateful.

  3. Dream Share Project is an outstanding and original concept. The science, artistic and spiritual facets of dreaming are an interesting and creative way to involve both children and adults in the introspection, pre-cognitive, metaphysical and psychological world.

  4. Dream Share sounds magnificent. I am looking forward to learning more and taking this journey. I am so glad I found this site!! Go Rita. Finally a psychotherapist who understands and is open to more than “what is supposed to be”. Thank you!!

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