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SEA Conference Lilse, IL February 27-28th, 2009

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banner4_newThe focus of SEA is on the business of art. SEA was created with the idea that more artists will succeed if they have business skills, knowledge, resources, and contacts. Through artist-led conferences, a website full of resources and articles, and educational tools like the award winning Entrepreneurial Artist DVD; SEA helps artists turn their passions into a living. SEA is for college students, serious high school students, artists, and educators.

This year’s 9th SEA conference, for the midwest region, will be held Hilton Hotel Lilse, Illinois.
Besides topic specific sessions led by artists, panel discussions and workshops, the conference offers:

The gallery is a place for visual artists to display their work. The Gallery is open to all types of visual art. You are welcome to leave a manuscript, pottery, painting, photographs, furniture, etc. Entries may also be submitted electronically. A digital slide show will be put together. There will be a Gallery Reception on Friday evening. Make sure to send in your gallery registration form (part of your conference registration form) early to ensure space for your work. Space is limited!

One-on-One Sessions
Several time slots have been set aside for speakers and attendees to have a chance to meet one and one and talk about their art and life goals. Many describe this experience as “magical” and certainly should not be missed. No matter what the art – music, literary, theater, etc. – speakers are asked to spend time meeting with attendees for approximately 15 minutes each to go over their art, answer questions, offer advice, and just chat about life goals as a self employed artist. There will also be tables set aside for attendees in the same area to meet with each other in a small group. This is a great networking opportunity and can be one of the most beneficial experiences of the conference. BE SURE TO BRING SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK. If you have a laptop, we encourage you to put together a digital portoflio that you can use to share your work with others while at the conference.

Thoughout the conference the audience will be entertained by attendees’ artistic talents.

Performances may include dance, music, theatrical sketches, and readings.

If you are interested in performing at the conference, please contact Amy Rogers at 630-637-5468 or Space is Limited.

Breakfast with the Artists
Start your morning out right on Saturday by joining one of the speakers and other attendees for informal conversation. There is no advanced sign-up so make sure to get up early and join in.

Late Night Activity Rooms
Friday night is full of fun and networking. Join in one or more of these activities: Create Room, TV/Film Viewing Room, Open Mic, Dance-N-Jam Session, and a Journal Swap. There is also a Gallery Reception, Audition Critiques, and One-on-One Sessions on Friday evening.

Inside the Industry Panels
Get an inside look into your industry from experts in the field.

Artist Led Sessions
These sessions are led by successful self-employed artists. Topics range greatly and change each year. Topics in the past have included Pricing Your Art, Getting Your Work Published, Fundraising for Films, Making Time For Success, Finding Representation in Major Market Galleries, The Indie Music Scene, and more. There are also sessions led by Support Professionals such as lawyers and accountants.

To register click here


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