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Contestant #5 Tamera Bourne

In Entrepreneurial Artist Contest Contestants, Writing on January 23, 2009 at 9:49 am

My Life, My Passion, My Dream written by Tamera Bourne
When I first read The Diary of Anne Frank I knew I wanted to write. I was eleven. I started keeping a diary and have not stopped. Her raw honesty about her growing pains gave me comfort in my own struggles. My thinking, at the time, was I could be the next Anne Frank, I could be the young girl that touches everyones heart. Part of me believes that I’m carrying on her dream since she wasn’t able to.

To write means to me that I am able to bring the gift of imagination to people. The joy of opening a book and learning something new, or loosing oneself in a far off place and becoming a character in a story. I always dreamed I was Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia. I always have a book in my hands and I am typically reading two books at once.

I believe the gift of reading helps everyone to be a better person. Through reading we gain knowledge, confidence, and a desire to spread the wealth of information. We want to communicate what we have learned. We want to inspire people to read the book. I want to be the writer people talk about. I want my books to influence people, to teach them, to bring joy to their lives. I believe I can do this through my newest project.

I call this project “What’s in a Names?” series. I’m researching what all 50 states names mean and how they became that name; also how the license plate slogans were chosen, what it means, and why. I envision this project on multiple levels. First , as two books containing all the information, and these could be sold anywhere — bookstores, travel stores, gift shops and more. I see these two books as the definitive books of state facts. I want people who have a question to immediately think of these books and pull them from the self. Secondly, the states could be split apart and create chapbooks, essentially, that will have the meaning of the name and slogan together. This can be marketed specifically to little gift shops through out that states name. These little books could sit on truck stop shelves in the souvenir section. They would be made for the impulsive buy. A nice memento of the trip that can go into a scrapbook. Thirdly, as a kids version to help children learn more than the capitols in school. I believe the education that children receive when it comes to our states is limited. As a child I was taught the capitols but not much more. How can we expect the children of the World to be knowledgeable when we don’t provide the information. This version can contain a map, CD-ROMs, game, vocabulary, lesson plans, and more. The education version can be tailored to what the school wants.

I believe the ‘What’s in a Name?” series can expand beyond the United States. Each continent can be done, each country of the world, and have their regions broken down. In the United States I could write how each capitol received its name, each river, each lake, major cities, the possibilities are unlimited. I want the “What’s in a Name?” series to be a household name like Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I have never lost my passion for writing. I studied journalism and creative writing. I want to infuse the two and create a publication that is enthralling and educational. I want to pull my strengths as a researcher, writer, and educator into this project, creating a unique piece of work. I have travelled throughout this country and world. I have not seen anything like this idea. I believe it will be fruitful for all.

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