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What would you do?

In Emotional Intelligence on January 22, 2009 at 8:25 am

We live in a world where we don’t know if we are safe anywhere anymore- after all people get shot these days in grocery stores, department stores, on college campuses and at work. I don’t know about you, but I can sort of understand why increasingly we don’t talk to our neighbors and keep to ourselves. Is there anywhere we really feel safe?

I bet the majority of us would say that we feel the safest at home.

So, this past Sunday my husband and I were up at our house on the lake watching on HBO the return of Big Love– you know that show about polygamy? It is rather soap opera-ish and losing quickly, in my opinion, any novelty it had- but none the less we were watching a really tense scene and all of a sudden what appeared to be literally a monster with a shot gun appeared pounding on our back door. He looked like he could have been a bag man, totally disheveled. It looked like dirt was all over his face.

But on closer inspection, as we both walked closer to the door, he was a horror in plain view- dried blood all over his neck, hands and clothes and fresh blood covering his entire face standing at our back door holding a gun.

My husband and I froze and stood there looking at each other and then at the door. Nothing was registering. We both starred at him and then at each other not knowing what to do? And this man kept pounding on our door and pounding.

What would you do in this situation?

It is hard to say isn’t it. Was this person going to hurt us? Was he hurt himself? Was he running from someone or something?

Really it’s harder than ever to naturally have empathy and compassion to help others these days. The world is need of it more than ever as evident by how many stories have we heard where someone was ignored who was hurt and was left for dead because others were frightened or could not be bothered or simply “didn’t notice”.

Well in this instance, my husband and I decided to act. Chuck walked out the front door and there the man stood, having walked towards him around the house, blood running down his face, gushing. This man had been in a snowmobile accident. He had his gun on the back of his sled because he had been out duck hunting and when he crashed into a duck blind ( where hunters hide to shoot ducks) it threw him and his gun 75 feet. And yes, he was drunk.

Needless to say the paramedics took 20 minutes- our house on the lake is way out in the middle of nowhere. The man had trouble breathing and wanted to go to sleep and kept weaving in and out of consciousness and he seemed to be spewing blood from everywhere. It was the most gruesome scene I had seen up close in quite some time. And yet, if we had simply ignored him and not come to his aide he might be dead.

We learned today he had a broken nose, 3 broken ribs, a broken collar bone, jaw and was internally hemorrhaging. I am so glad that we decided to stay home instead of go out for pizza, like we had planned.

  1. Wow – what a night! Polygamy probably look mundane by the time you guest had been picked up!

    Its my first time on the site – was brought via a link for Entrepreneur the Arts contest link – I plan to enter, as a writer. Such great info and artist-fodder you’ve got here.

  2. Thanks Katie for your comment and Welcome! Yes, Big Love seemed pretty trivial after the evenings events. Glad to see you will enter the contest too! Lisa

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