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The Girl From Someplace Else

In Art on January 5, 2009 at 6:05 am

"The Girl from Someplace Else"When I was in Santa Fe, NM, over the New Year, we of course stopped in to my favorite gallery there, Selby Fleetwood. I stumbled upon another of Rodney Hatfield’s paintings that I simply adore. While not mine yet, I simply love its duplicity and thought I would share it with all of you as a Happy New Year’s offering.

Rodney signs his paintings “art snake.” While I think how much you love something is far more important than the signature, I wonder if not using his name diminishes or helps to preserve (or increase) its value?

Either way, I find Rodney’s signature choice distinctive and interesting.

  1. Interesting painting!! Don’t worry about his signature, it probably doesn’t do anything to the value.

  2. In addition to being a painter Rodney is a fine musician, I’ve worked with him on various projects over three decades. He combines music and art in his work with Kentucky based art collective Tin Can Buddha.

    Very cool connection Lee. Thanks for sharing and I love the clip on your site of Rodney playing the harmonica. He sounds great! Lisa

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