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Contestant #2 Dewey Chaffee

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Written by Dewey Chaffee

My name is Dewey Chaffee. I turn forty years old on December the seventh. In almost every way, I’m what people would call a “Late Bloomer.”

I am also a comedian.

I spent the first half of my life wandering from place to place, feeling lost, wondering why I was alive. The second half of my life is being spent rejoicing in the lucky discovery that I have comic timing. Extremely grateful for this gift, I work tirelessly every single day in an effort to find new ways to make people laugh.

I was never afforded the opportunity to receive a college education. For years, I was convinced that this meant that I was stupid. However, my mother was fifteen years old when I was born, so, every chance I get, I remind people that I went to high school twice.

The fact that I held no degree embarrassed me for a long time, until I was cast in a professional production alongside other “classically trained” actors who owed thousands of dollars to their acting schools. I realized that I was in the exact same place in my career as they were, and I didn’t owe anyone a nickel. I was the smart one after all.

In my family, I was the first person to graduate from high school.

In my family, I was the first person to live in a house without wheels.

In my family, I was the first person to recognize the ugliness of prejudice and vow not to be that person.

In my family, I was the first person to witness patterns of complacency and defeat and strived not to repeat them.

For a long time, I was afraid that, like my young mother, I was doomed to work a mind-numbing, dead-end factory job that I hated.

When I was much too young, I married a girl named Marie and we had a son. His name is Christopher, he is sixteen now, and he turned out just great. One of the best things about Christopher is that he doesn’t mind having a gay dad. His mother struggled with it, however. I can’t blame her. We were always fighting over who got to hang the curtains.

I was fortunate. After I lost my Ideal Family, I was given the Funny in return. Being funny healed my broken soul. Being funny gave me renewed purpose.

One day, I created a character and I named him Wayburn Sassy. Wayburn is eighty-nine years old and has declared himself an “Entertainment Legend.” He embodies the bigotry and the prejudices that I witnessed from the people who raised me. I knew from the very first moment that Wayburn appeared on stage that, with him, I had stumbled upon something special. Audiences need Wayburn. He demonstrates to us how laughable blind ignorance truly is.

The most valuable character in my life, however, is one that I did not have to create. The Universe handed him to me on a silver platter. His name is Douglas and he tolerates me better than anyone on this planet. In spite of my many faults, Douglas does everything he can to uplift and support every crazy idea that I come up with. He understands my desire to introduce Wayburn Sassy to the rest of the world.

Together, with the singular purpose of promoting Wayburn Sassy, Douglas and I formed our own comedy company called Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises, LLC. In just two years, we have successfully mounted two local award-winning shows starring Mr. Sassy. We have managed to position Wayburn as a recognizable local celebrity.

Our biggest success so far: this month, we are ecstatic that Wayburn will conduct his very first celebrity interview, speaking with openly gay Hollywood star Leslie Jordan, best known as the flamboyant Beverly Leslie on Will and Grace.

Earlier this year, however, things were tough for our fledgling company. In an effort to ride the wave of Wayburn’s local success, Douglas and I opened The Blue Revue Starring Wayburn Sassy on Orlando’s tourist strip. Unfortunately, the overhead was too much for us to bear and we were forced to close the show after only three months. I had grossly underestimated the enormous advertising costs of such a production. I took the closing as a personal failure. I was devastated.

Undeterred, however, we knew that we needed to find a cheaper way to continue creating opportunities for Wayburn Sassy. Because we owned a camcorder, we decided to try the internet. Currently, we are shooting an online “web-reality” series centered around Wayburn Sassy. Entitled “Pushing Sassy,” our camera follows Wayburn to every appearance that he does. So far, we’ve completed two episodes, (each under ten minutes in length to accommodate the short attention span of today’s internet audience). We plan to launch the show in January of 2009 on both YouTube and on our own website. (

Wayburn’s career-path is modeled after the brilliant Barry Humphries and his world-reknowned alter-ego, Dame Edna. We dream of equal success. As a team, we continue to search for unique and interesting ways to get Wayburn’s face out there. One day, we envision Wayburn Sassy on a national stage.

As someone from a background of little opportunity provided him, I have had to find my own voice. My family could not foster it. Public education did not support it. Higher education was out of the question. However, I refused to see these challenges as hopeless roadblocks. Instead, I viewed them merely as hurdles that I needed to leap. I was prepared to leap then, and I am prepared to leap now.

I view Wayburn Sassy’s success as my potential salvation. I view Wayburn Sassy as my son’s college tuition. I view Wayburn Sassy as a ticket out of my day-job as a theme-park actor.

This is a lot of pressure to place upon the shoulders of an eighty-nine year-old man. But, Wayburn Sassy is an Entertainment Legend. I’m pretty sure he can handle it.

Dewey Chaffee

  1. Loved reading this – when is the novel coming out? You are such a good writer my friend.

  2. Wonderful! Leaves us all with the feeling of needing something better to aspire to…

  3. This is such a great story! It sounds like a great screenplay for a movie.

  4. Fabulous story. Hang in there Wayburn, I am sure Dewey and Douglas will figure this all out. Good Luck!

  5. While I have not personally had the pleasure of the Wayburn Sassy experience, I put my full support behind Mr. Chaffee and his blessed talents.

  6. This story makes you want to read more into the life of Wayburn Sassy and share in these experiences as if you were a supporter from the start.

  7. Wayburn Sassy is so much fun. Dewey Chaffee is very creative.

  8. Your personal story is a real-life inspiration to individuals that share the same challenging beginning as you had. It shows that determination, perseverance, and belief in yourself is the true way to success. Those beliefs will take you anywhere you want to go! Keep following your dream of making Wayburn Sassy a huge success!

  9. This is a very determined, kind and uplifting story. I wish him all the luck in the world. I hope that someone gives this lovely man the hand that he deserves and takes him to the next level. He truly deserves it!

  10. Kudos on your continued success, and your inspiring optimism!!

  11. Vicki is right – you are a wonderful writer. You deserve the blessings of success, and I know you are on your way! I cannot wait to see the website and the videos!! And can I say that I am insanely jealous that Wayburn gets to interview Leslie Jordan? I have loved him from the minute I saw him on Murphy Brown, and I loved him on Hearts Afire. He is hilarious! I can’t wait to see the interview!

  12. Wayburn could be my grandfather were he to have lived to 89. Keep making fun of the stupidity of our own natures. And keep on laughing….

  13. The Wayburn Sassy show is pure delight.. made me laugh til it hurt! Dewey has created such an enchanting character with Wayburn and his comic timing is impeccible. I had no idea of the back story of Dewey and that makes the story so much more poignant! I want to see Wayburn’s name up in lights!!!

  14. Dewey, I love your story and proud to be your neighbor.
    You are a inspiration to others.
    Wish you much success!

  15. Having been lucky enough to have seen Wayburn grow as a character, I appreciate the effort involved and the dedication that both Dewey and Doug put into this effort. Keep it up, guys!

  16. Wayburn, you are a hoot, that Dewey character you created is a great guy and obviously will make us all proud. Keep it up and if there is ever anything I can do to help… I’m In!

  17. Dewey Chaffee has a brilliant mind with so much for to tell! Wayburn Sassy is the only ignoramis that I would sit down with and have a cup of coffee. He has a tale to tell and it’s hysterical!

  18. Dewey is absolutely right when he says he has comic timing. I have nevr worked with anyone as able to take straw offers and spin them into gold results as this man. Best of luck!

  19. Can Wayburn be my grandpa? I would love to have him at all my family reunions!! You are both destined for great fame!!

  20. Dewey is one of the funniest people I have ever met. Do whatever is needed to get his sa”ass”y in gear!

  21. Wayburn is a trip and Dewey is an amazing guy. Thank you for the laughs! Both a doing a wonderful job. Good times, good times…

  22. Stories like this make me want to stand up on the rooftop and yell, “Yes you can!”

    And these are the stories of determination and tenaciousness that give me the strength to choose the less traveled path. It may not be the easiest way to go, but the rewards can be tenfold. =)

    With the love and combined power of Dewey and Douglas behind him, I can’t wait to see how far Wayburn goes. Go get ’em, old guy!

  23. I have had the pleasure of enjoying Dewey’s amazing comedic talents over the years, and from what I have seen of Wayburn, it’s apparent that Dewey has not lost his touch. Wayburn allows us to laugh at things that might otherwise make us cry, or angry, and in these times, that’s a true gift. Every family has a “Wayburn” in it — this comedy is so universal, anyone can relate to it!
    Bravo Dewey!

  24. Dewey is an amazing talent, and I am honored to have seen his work many times over the last 10 years. Wayburn is just one of his many hilarious characters! Best wishes, Dewey and Douglas!

  25. One of the funniest characters ever created!

  26. Go get ’em Wayburn! I do not doubt his success or him or of Dewey himself. Watching the professionalism and completely split second comedy performances of Dewey’s on a daily basis for more than a year was nothing less than amazing, and MAGICAL.
    He can do anything.

  27. Wow, after knowing Dewey and Wayburn for some time now I had no idea what an amazing story they both came from. Wayburn is certainly one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen and Dewey is one of the kindest people I’ve ever come across. Best wishes!

  28. Dewey and Wayburn is someone I can relate to and get behind!

    I haven’t been able to see Wayburn Live but hope that I get to enjoy the Youtube and other video productions!

    Thanks for opening your heart to us!!!


  29. Dearest Dewey,
    Oh, how we love you and miss you so. You are such a talented an amazing creature. We really should see you, soon, you are only 1 hour and 20 minutes away! Best to you dearest!

  30. I hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sassy. Every video I’ve seen of him has made me laugh out loud! Good luck to both of you Dewey and Wayburn!

  31. This sounds fantastic! My best to you and Wayburn!! 🙂


  32. God loves us to laugh, and be happy.
    Wayburn’s humor is adult, and very,very funny because he shows us how petty we can be, and enables us to look at our faults and not feel put down, but able to change for the better. Whereas some comedy is vulgur for the sake of being vulgar, Chafee’s comedy makes us think, makes us laugh, and can make us change when we see how some of our prejudices are so silly and stupid.
    I hope he goes far with his comedy.

  33. Dewey you are awesome! I love watching you perform and wish you the best!!! See you next month!

  34. It’s amazing. I am only 29 but I remember when Wayburn was born. Love you guys!

  35. Although I have not seen Wayburn in person, I am pleased to say I have seen Dewey perform in other venues. Dewey performs with such heart felt intensity, and I am able to tell that he truly loves getting people to laugh! Anything worthwhile is a lot of hard work; Dewey you’re awesome and inspiring and I can’t wait to meet Wayburn in person.

  36. Dewey –

    You are a joy to watch – your characterizations are right on and your timing and sense of comedy superb! (Not only that, but you’re a hell of a writer!)
    Keep on making us laugh – you rock!!

  37. Love your humor!!!!!!

  38. dewey
    it has been so much fun going to all of the Wayburn Sassy shows. they are the funniest show i have ever seen. i do my best to get all of my friends to come see them and im so happy to know that your life has gotten so much better.

  39. always great fun to see Wayburn! and what a great story. learned some things i did not know about dewey. keep on keepin on!

    leap and the net will appear.

  40. One of the earlier posts stated that this “story” should be a movie or a screen play. I couldn’t agree more with this line of thought. Rising above all odds Dewey has developed his skills as an actor, without all of the college expense, using his life of lemons to hone his skills. To call him a natural comedian would be a vast understatement. One only has to watch Wayburn inb action to see how bright this star shines. No one could be prouder than I to know Dewey and his alter ego Wayburn.

  41. I am proud to call Dewey Chaffee a friend. He has made my laugh and inspired me as a director and acting teacher. I can’t wait until I can say “I knew him when”

  42. “I went to high school twice”- I just peed my pants. I enjoyed the story. I learned some new things about you and enjoyed it very much. All my best, my friend. Looking forward to seeing you on the stage soon.

  43. I have to say that i have known Dewey / Wayburn for a short time but everyday i look forward to seeing him. I am allways entertained and amazed with his comedic, honest and poingnet stories. I know that the whole word would learn and grow from all that Dewey has to share.

  44. There are few acts that are “must see” entertainment when visiting the Orlando area. I can pass on Disney, Universal and any other tourist trap, but Wayburn’s shows are true gems. We can’t wait to see the next one. You have come a long way since Frank and Harry. Can’t wait to see the Waburn Sassy tour come to Minneapolis.

  45. Dewey is very talented! So creative and funny! What a great and inspiring story!

  46. Dewey, you have so much talent and it is amazing that you have found ways to carry on and succeed in life despite where you came from. You have found your niche with Wayburn, but I will forever remember you as Francis. Millions have seen you as Francis and it is a shame it can’t be mentioned here. I like how sharp tounged and smart Wayburn is with his come backs, and of course as his last name implys, how Sassy he is!

  47. An amazing talent, and a multi-faceted comedic personality! I look forward to seeing amazing works from him in the future!

  48. That was so beautifully written. You made me tear up. I have had the privilege of seeing your show and hands down you are the funniest guy I know. I am so happy that you are chasing your dreams and I hope they finally come true for you. You deserve the world. It’s honor knowing you but even a bigger honor calling you my family.

  49. When I first went to work for Mr Sassy it was on the request of Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises LLC. I did not know Dewey very well at the time and had never met Mr. Sassy.
    Since then, I have seem his shows and met him personally.
    He is the capsulization of all that people are thinking but will not say.
    Strange that ideas and comments that would normally be considered rude and improper are so funny when said with complete honesty.
    Dewey’s life story is a great breeding ground . Lucky for eveyone he chose the rougher path and made it past the first few faital falls only slightly scuffed up.
    Here’s to his climb twards the the top. If I can provide some more rope let me know.

  50. Always looking forward to what’s next…the 3 of you are unstoppable!!

  51. Very ispiring story Dewey! I wish you the most success with Wayburn Sassy and look forward to the web- launch in January. Please keep me posted.

  52. Great job guys. Good luck with your company.

  53. I was lucky enough to happen upon Wayburn Sassy and his Holiday show last year! It was a night of incredible laughter and fun that I and my friends will never forget! Go get ’em!

  54. Dewey is an inspiration, and as delightful a performer as a person. Keep following your heart – we’ll follow right along! 🙂

  55. So great to read your story!! You’ve come along way and I look forward to seeing where and how high you go from here!

  56. Dewey demonstrates that life is often the best teacher and he’s learning his lessons well. Lucky for us!

  57. Love the story, very inspiring and funny!

    I am looking forward to laughing more with Wayburn Sassy!

  58. Wayburn Sassy is an inspiration to us all! Not that he cares.

  59. I have had so much admiration and respect for you since I first met you. I feel lhonored to know you. Not only should there be a screenplay about Wayburn, but Hallmark should have a line of greeting cards in your namesake. You are such an inspiration. I am proud to call you a friend.

  60. Wayburn Sassy looks and sounds like he will be extremely entertaining! Can’t wait to see more of him!

  61. I was fortunate enough to be able to see Mr. Sassy in action! what a hoot!!, I know in my heart that we will be seeing this old man for many years to come.

  62. Wayburn Sassy changes the room when he walks in! Very entertaining! I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet Wayburn (although he doesn’t care!). Knowing Dewey’s story makes me appreciate Wayburn even more. Good luck!!

  63. Having been introduced to Wayburn less than two years ago. I know that nothing id off limits for him. He tells it like it is. And the world is funnier for it. I am looking forward to the next production. You should too.

  64. Inspiring !!! – thanks for sharing

  65. Mahaley is sooo x-ited to meet you. I have heard ALOT of good things about you. What an inspiring story. Way to hang in there & keep up the good work. You got talent!!!

  66. Wayburn Sassy is hilariously funny, captivating & unique. Everyone can relate to a Wayburn. Dewey Chaffee’s inspirational story & creativity are only 2 reasons why he is perfect to showcase. He truly is a performing dynamo.

  67. I was the smart one too! Just don’t ask my sisters about it.

  68. A great inspirantional story! Hope to see more of Wayburn Sassy!

  69. It’s not often one comes upon a comic with such original style and wit. Dewey is the face of the future of comedy!!!

  70. Dewey, you are so super talented!!! I know there a huge spotlight waiting for you on the national stage!!!

  71. What a fantastic story! Thank you for sharing your life and comedy with us!

  72. Rock!

  73. I’m sorry, I thought I was voting for Paige Turner. What?

    Dear Moderator,
    Just kidding. Wayburn Sassy rocks.

    Eric Stanton

  74. Rock on, Dewey! When’s the dang book coming out!?

  75. Funny, interesting, well written and honest – I want to know more about Wayburn and Dewey!
    Thanks for the fun and wit, Debbie Lowman

  76. Wayburn Sassy is a incredibly funny character and he truly places smiles on peoples faces. God has blessed Dewey with a great talent and I wish him all of the best and hope that he makes Wayburn Sassy not just a local name but a national name. Good Luck Dewey!

  77. You Rock!!! Keep it going, hope to see you again soon:)

  78. For a 40 year old, he displays a crankiness way beyond his years. I can just smell the metamucil and Ben Gay.

    I mean ‘Ben Alternative Lifestyle.”

  79. Dear Dewey,
    You’re awesome. Not because of talent, not because of Linw…ugh… Wayburn, and not because of your incredible life. You’re awesome because you once got to drive through MGM and crash into crash cans with tourists standing right there, waiting to be road kill. StreetMo? More like StreetWhoa.

    Yeah… I can say that and still come across as cool. …right? Good luck!

  80. Ladies and gentlemen… Cartman in 80 years.

  81. Sheesh! I can’t wait for you to get old, so I can watch the movie about your life. Haley Joel Osment will play you and The Olson Twins will play Douglas and his hair.

  82. Wayburn, your sweater makes me weep. Good luck.

  83. Hi Wayburn!!

    We wish you luck!! The kids are still laughing about our last meeting!! You Rock!!!

    Good Luck!!!

    Nancy, Sevan and Celestial

  84. Awesome, your very funny. Keep up the good work.

  85. Wayburn Sassy is an equal opportunity offender. His brilliant and sometimes crass wit reminds me of the tender moments with my late grandfather. Even if some of his uproarious stories, my mother told me, I could never repeat.
    Dewey Chaffee is the complete opposite of Wayburn. (As far as I know 🙂 He is quiet, thoughtful and sincere. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of both of them.
    I wish you the best in all of your endevours!

  86. I have seen and volunteered for Dewey Chaffee and his “Screw You Revue” when he was playing at the Theatre Downtown. He is a wonderful person with enormous ambition and I appreciate his dedication to get Wayburn Sassy out to the public audience. I hope that his dreams will be realised and pray the best for him in the future!


  87. Dewey– You are a very gifted man with a huge heart.
    All the best! Looking forward to seeing Wayburn sometime soon. –FRED

  88. Dewey, I love this story. It’s so interesting to hear where people come from, thank you for sharing. Your passion and drive are obvious and your determination will take you to exactly where you want to be.

  89. I don’t know about the rest of you, but who here on planet earth doesn’t like to LAUGH?

    I mean laugh till your sides ache. Laugh when in your head you’re saying “He didn’t just go there!!” Laugh when you see an 89 year old codger walk on stage followed by his sexy wet nurse – Wayburn Sassy makes everyone else the butt of his jokes – but the truth is – there’s something about His crinkly old butt that grips us deep inside – and that is not a whimsical joke as he may put it LOL.

    Terrified that he might pick on you and yet secretly hoping he has seen something in your soul that says ‘I can use that silly British accent in tonight’s act’ – Dewey is always thinking on his feet and delivering an outstanding performance. These guys are going places or you can call me ‘Nelly’.

    Of all his characters Wayburn seems to really stand out – he is that nuisance at every family party you really hope will be there, because you know if he is, something will kick off!! Dewey and Douglas will shock the world and I applaud them for it. I for one am tired of most situational comedies these days, where the comedy must come secondary to a poor story-line – YES they have a great situation …. but it works anywhere … just check out youtube now – I have seen Wayburn run a race for charity – I have seen him chat to folk on the street – the comedy value of this man just keeps coming and coming …!

    Put the Sassiness back in your life! Check out his very own podcast the Sassycast – !

    He is the last laugh in entertainment if you ask me, literally, he might just die on stage pulling a gag – so don’t miss the show! If you have seen a lot of comedy – YOU will love him, I did. x

  90. A great deal of morals can be taken away from this story, but it is in the sense that the story teller is cognizant of the importance of these morals where we can see that it is truly important to live for one’s beliefs.

    It is delightful to see that with enough hard work, dedication and passion that we can sometimes witness the fulfillment of our dreams.

    I wish you nothing but the best.

  91. I have seen Dewey perform before and loved it!
    If I could I’d be there again!
    I laughed my ass off!

  92. Hey Dewey – loved the show I saw last year. What a shock it was for the first time; and your ability to insult everyone but keep the room in high spirits was great. 🙂

  93. Fantastic, there is nothing better than having a good laugh, comedy is a gift and you share yours with everyone. To come from tough upbringing and choose to better yourself and then take what you learned and use that to make others happy is a truly wonderful thing. As an Aussie I grew up laughing at Dame Edna and Barry Humphries, America and the world should have the chance to be laughing with Wayburn Sassy as well. Laughter heals, keep up the Great Work. 😀

  94. Dewey is extremely talented and funny. He is an amazing person and i wish him best wishes and lots of success.

  95. This is what the American spirit is all about, creativity! You guys have it in surplus! I can’t wait to see the next wacked out thing Duane, Douglas (or Wayburn for that matter), get involved in!

  96. I love it, he is an inspiration!!! I am so happy he has followed his bliss and stayed true to himself!

  97. Dewey is not only one of the finest actors I know but he holds a very quick wit and clever mind that is often copied yet never equaled. I have confidence that if a man could create such fantastic characters as Francis Floot (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and Wayburn Sassy (GD Entertainment Legend) that he could go far in today’s world with his comic gifts. He shows us our human emotions and the ways we act towards others in a way that truly reaches home. He also brings back the old fashioned humour of the past comic greats and adds a ton of modern twists making a completely unique character. If Wayburn can’t do it, nobody can!

  98. I remember chatting about a lot of these things with you. I feel honored to have known you for the past ten years. Although we may not see eachother as much anymore, I love when we DO, it’s like old times and we can just start laughing and sharing stories again.
    I’m so proud of you!

  99. Very uplifting, in a slightly creepy way.

  100. We saw you last year at the Blue Revue and we laughed all night. You are an equal offender comedian! You say what alot of people are thinking and don’t have the guts to say out loud for fear of offending someone.
    Thank you !!

  101. To MY Good Friend Dewey: I am sure Dee will post also but I am sure I speak for her too when I say that we love you so much and are so inspired by you.
    You like myself had a difficult start in life; nothing was easy and nothing was handed to us. You have certainly achieved a lot so far and I know you will go much further because of your talent, comedy, gift as an entertainer; but mostly because of the kind warm loving person you are. You know I could write a book here but I won’t. I just want you to know that I love and care about you. and Douglas, as well as Wayburn, Francis, Buz and the rest of the gang that is an expression of your talent.
    I never knew what was about to unfold for me when you were picked by my wife in the dating game. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that is only saddened by the fact that we live here in NJ and don’t get to see you as much as we would like.
    I know NJ needs Wayburn a lot. And we in NJ need Dewey and Douglas too.
    So good luck and we will see you soon and Happy Birthday my friend.

  102. This, of course is well written because Dewey is brilliant!
    (the “high school twice” line is fierce) and the story itself compelling. I know Dewey’s life and still was drawn in by this story.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Dewey/Wayburn and Douglas in various theatrical capacities and am truly blessed.
    As the producer of The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, I can honestly say that the product Dewey Chaffee Enterprises has brought to our festival in 2007 and 2008 is among the best production value, comedy, acting and writing that have graced our stages. Each year their shows have won Patron’s Pick and sold the most tickets in their venue. Dewey has also won The Producer’s Award and other honors associated with his artistry and business sensibility.
    Through all his successes, he has been humble, always willing to give back to the community, donated his time and talents to help promote the Fringe for fundraising events, interviews and benefit shows.

    When he officially reaches his “entertainment legend” status (as I know he will) I will be there cheering for him all the way!
    I am a true Sassy Fanatic and total supporter of Dewey!

  103. Dewey, you have inspired many people, including me. Wayburn, being the entertainment legend that he is, will blow the minds, and the pants off of everyone he crosses paths with. I hope I am one of those people as well! You are awesome man!

  104. Chris and I just wanted to say how much we love you! Every show we have seen has been wonderful! We can’t wait for more. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us! Hi to Douglas for us too!!!

  105. Dewey, I honestly consider myself blessed to know such an awesome person like you! I look forward to seeing more from you. See you in about 3 weeks!

  106. Duane,

    That was very well written! I have always cherished each time I’ve seen you perform & hope to see wayburn perform more & on TV too!
    Love PJ

  107. Life is full of goodtimes and bad.But I know when you achieve your goal you will look back at all the struggles and in doing that you will surely feel the joy of success.
    I am a gay as well and have been blessed with a partner for the last five years.He holds me up when I am down and points me towards my goals and pushes:) BTW he was born Dec 7th as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEWEY !!

  108. Dewey,

    Good Luck in all of your future success. It was nice to read a truly heart felt experience of your life. It was great to get a chance to see Wayburn Sassy working with my daughter. She absolutely loved it and had a great time during the interview. Best Wishes to you on your birthday as well.

  109. Wayburn Sassy is the new black!

  110. Dewey,

    I wish you all the best. I had the distinct pleasure to work with Dewey and Douglas in that run of the Blue Review. I look forward to seeing great things for this dynamic duo and who knows maybe I will get to work with Wayburn Sassy again… He is a funny old man. Never know what he is going to say.

  111. Dwayne! I had no idea! This is truly thought provoking and a real example of someone knowing there is much out in our world and the only way to find the much is to go look for yourself. Get what you want and through humor and kindness you can make a difference and you continue to do so! Congratulations my friend! Truly impressed by more than ever!

    Sincerely, Adrian

  112. Dewey,
    Your story is very inspiring, even at this point. Good luck to you and Wayburn, and the best part is this story in not over yet.

  113. Dewey,
    (Or as I better know him, Dwayne)
    In the years I have known you, I have always seen you approach the world with such insight and talent it makes me proud to know you.

    Wayburn is a treat, people missing him is a crime.

    Luck and Love,


  114. Dewey is an amazing performer!
    Every occasion I have had to work with him has been a wonderful experience. His comic timing and improvisation skills are top notch. Can’t wait to see him perform again and again!

  115. Rock on Wayburn (and Dewey)! You’re my favorite 89 year old entertainer out there.

  116. Dewey,

  117. Dwayne is a wonderful person with terrific tallent. He is extremely creative with so much to offer. I am privelaged to know such a special and unique individual. Wishing him the best of luck and continued success.
    Happy Holidays
    Christine Belahsen

  118. Inspiring story, and it’s nice to know a little more about how you got here.

  119. I met Dewey before he was Dewey, and before Wayburn was born. I’m glad to see him finding the success he deserves, both personally and professionally.

  120. I love Wayburn Sassy! I’m his #1 Fan!!!

    Oh … and Dewey and Douglas are cool too! 😀

  121. Great story Dewey! I loved hearing about where you came from and how you got here. Haven’t seen Wayburn live but what I’ve seen on the web is fantastic. Good luck to you and Douglas as well.

  122. I love Dewey Chaffee, for his talent and drive. The only thing that makes me sad about what I have read is: “I view Wayburn Sassy as a ticket out of my day-job as a theme-park actor.” Because he is a very big reason that I go to that theme park. Dewey, you bring a lot of joy each and every day to so many people. You give those people a wonderful gift, a memory that keeps them laughing all year long. Thanks for the gifts.

  123. Go Dewey!

  124. Dewey keeps me laughing. I videoed Sassy at All Hallows 10 check it out on YouTube.

  125. I want to see more about Dewey and Wayburn Sassy! Awesome!

  126. Dewey you are an inspiration, thank you.

  127. Dewane, What a talented guy you are. I miss seeing your improv work. Love the blog. Hope to see you in CA soon!

  128. Wayburn Sassy rules.

  129. Dewey, I have come to look forward to your videos and Vblogs. When I get home from work, the first thing I do is check my computer. Thanks for being so open, honest and entertaining. I appreciate the time you put into your craft. I look forward to seeing you on Theraputic Thursday.

  130. I really enjoy wayburn & dewey is awsome. I keep thinkin that someday I am going to turn on comedy centra and find them on there.

  131. There are many comedic sides to Dewey Chaffee that the world has yet to see! I can’t wait to watch them emerge, and I know it’s not “if” but “when!”

  132. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sassy – I believe he is very much understood – he is a very nice old person.
    Dewey is such a committed artist and fabulous at whatever he does. He and Douglas are dedicated to Wayburn.

  133. LOVE the story, it’s so inspiring!!!!

    And seriously, I’m with everyone else on this…when’s the book coming out?!?!

  134. Funny! UNIQUE! Just a great time. So looking forward to your success in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE!

  135. I was already a fan, but this essay deepened that feeling. I’m looking forward to Dewey’s own show!

  136. What a great story . Wayburn Sassy is fantastic, makes me laugh all time. Dewey and Douglas work hard and keep us entertained.

  137. The world needs to meet Wayburn Sassy. People need to laugh at themselves, and the people around themselves that normally make them angry. Wayburn has me in stiches with just a perfectly timed lift of an eyebrow, or tilt of his head. But my favorite Wayburn is when he is shooting from the hip. That’s when I pee my pants.

  138. Wayburn is funny. It’s as simple as that. Comedy at its best is just that. The simple statements, the simpe thoughts, are always the funniest. With complexity comes the risk that the joke will not go over. Most people are just not that smart. Wayburn speaks his mind, well some thoughts should stay in his mind, but that is what is equally as funny. Go Wayburn. Go Dewey!

  139. Wayburn Sassy is the legend he professes to be. Everyone who sees him peform agrees and is thrilled to have been a part of this unique show.
    Dewey and Douglas are equally as fun and interesting. I look forward to witnessing all the great success they are sure to enjoy. Loved the background story too! I’ll bet your son is just as special as you.

  140. Good Reading! Wayburn sounds like a blast 🙂

  141. I LOVE WAYBURN SASSY!!! He is the meanest, wittiest, funniest, craziest, out of this world character I’ve ever met….MY STOMACH ACHES with laughter every time I see him perform!


  142. Much like Wayburn I have to be carefull during his show or I’ll wet myself! Funny!!

  143. Love Wayburn, sounds like my grandfather, this is some smart writting!!

  144. You should be very proud of yourself Dewey and you have a great talent. You and Wayburn make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it 😉

  145. Wayburn Sassy is an amazing man. I wish I could be just a fraction as talented as he is. Dewey is a great guy too. His story is inspiring and even though I’ve known him for just a short time, I am terribly proud of him and what he has done for entertainment in Central Florida.

  146. I started out watching Dewey as another character, but love watching Wayburn Sassy perform! Geez Dewey, why can’t you be as funny as Wayburn!! 🙂

  147. Wayburn rocks my socks! I love a guy that speaks his mind in this overly PC world we live in! We need more guys like Wayburn!

  148. Wayburn Sassy is amean old cuss….and we LOVE him that way!!
    Dewey Chaffee is, purely, a comic genius…spontaneous…with a huge heart and keen insight! A joy to watch!!

  149. Dewey is a remarkably talented guy… I have only recently found him… and Wayburn… and Tammee… OMG. Would love to see him jump from the WEB… he has the goods!!!

  150. Dewey Chaffee and company are an amazing lot.

  151. Having seen Wayburn Sassy live on several occasions, I must say that I have never laughed so much in years. He is so much fun to watch him interview people; talk to the audience and tell stories. He has a unique way of blending words and has some expressions that are hysterical. I think he really loves being a cranky old man.
    His manager Dewey Chaffee is pure genius in everything he does. We love you Dewey and Wayburn. Keep the laughs coming and good luck.

  152. Dewey is a very determined, deserving and hardworking actor and Wayburn Sassy is a F@#$ING SCREAM! To see him is to hate him is to love him!

  153. Wayburn Sassy is HYSTERICAL!!! We had the pleasure of working with him for an episode of “Pushing Sassy” & LOVE that we can be entertained by Wayburn Sassy regularly, with new episodes always coming out!! One is funnier than the next — we look forward to seeing more wondering how he can possibly outdo himself — but he manages to hit it out of the park EVERY TIME… it’s amazing! We were proud to be one of the first subscribers, and notice the number growing each time we watch!!! YOU CANNOT GO WRONG!! PICK DEWEY CHAFFEE COMEDY & WAYBURN SASSY!!!! His story & talent will captivate audiences everywhere. GOOD LUCK DEWEY & DOUGLAS!

  154. Great article. A unique and rare talent for sure. He deserves to have the chance to share his talent with as many people as possible. I especially want to see Wayburn face off with Shatner.

  155. Love love love the story – heartwarming and very interesting. To know Dewey is to love him. He is such a creative and talented individual. Douglas’ love and help doesn’t hurt 🙂 – Wayburn is just waaaaaayyyyyy too funny. When I first saw Wayburn perform at the fringe 2 years ago I almost fell off my chair – I don’t remember laughing that hard before then. Keep on keeping on my friend!!!!!

  156. Hi Dewey!!

    Rock on!! Keep making people laugh!!! We love you and your the best!!!

    McBride Family

  157. You’re an amazing talent!

  158. I’ve attended a number of Wayburn’s shows and his equal opportunity offending always leaves me in stitches!

  159. Thank you for the poetic honesty!
    Sassy is my late 90+ grandfather yelling about the evils of ‘coons’ and ‘Japs’, being 1/2 Jewish I grew up hating him. Yet through Sassy I have learned they were a product of their generation. Now I miss the old grump.
    Thanks for the healing laughter you have given me..

  160. Wayburn is so hot. Do you think he’d like to hear me say that? Maybe Matthew is a girl’s name! But it’s so not…Hey Wayburn! You know you hate gays so much because you are one. Whoops! My bad. Did I say that in script? Oh damn. I’m so baaaaad.
    Werk it out Dewayburn.

  161. Dewey! That was awesome! I laughed, I cried it was better than CATS!

  162. Dewey Chaffee lives to make people laugh – yea, to make them happy. He should win this contest!

  163. Wayburn Sassy is truly an “entertainment legend”.
    There is no one else like him.
    I have seen him in action, and he is very funny and very poignant. I wish him, and his alter ego, Dewey, well, and wish them every success.

  164. Hey Dewey,
    Best of everything to you and Wayburn.
    And congrats early on the winning of the contest.

    Later – Out.

  165. It is a sheer fluke of nature that Dewey Chaffee is not a nationally known talent by now. As a comic he is world-class. As a human he is a remarkable example how the human spirit can survive, even thrive, despite its environment. He is truly one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Entrepreneur The Arts would be wise to take advantage the opportunity to introduce Dewey to the world, because it is only a matter of time…..

  166. I discovered Dewey on YouTube before I knew of his character Wayburn Sassy. It’s easy to see that this guy is a true entertainer, and one who loves what he does.

  167. I have been a long time fan of Wayburn and think he and the those other guys have the makings of something real big… Good luck guys!

  168. Wonderfully written. Wayburn Sassy is such a funny character. I can’t wait to see him on TV!

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