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A Sophomore’s Summer Building a Business

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Kelly Penick has written a few articles on this blog. Here is another post about her progress building a business as a sophomore in college. I began working with Kelly, as one of her advisors, last year. Here are links to some of Kelly’s other posts to learn more about her journey.
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By Kelly Penick

Oh the click of the time clock on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 to 10am. This moment was my 600th hour of education at Artistic Academy—and my moment declaring my completion. What a wonderful feeling to turn my timecard in for the last time.

I have to say that my leaving the Artistic Academy was bittersweet. I had grown close to one of the instructors and adopted her as one of my grandparents. Her hugs and loving words meant the most as we did our final toast with diet squirt cola and I hit the road for Raleigh. My mom and I were on our way their to take one of my state board exams.

As I rode along I reflected on the last few months. One of the goals that I can fondly look back on is one of the instructors saying that the Esthetician course takes 4-4 ½ months to complete and I was able to beat the clock and make it all happen in 3 ½ months.

Now that I am back at Appalachian State, the memory of this summer and what took place doesn’t seem real. The fact that I can hand out a business card for All About Beauty by Kelly and tell people that I am a licensed Esthetician in the state of NC, almost doesn’t feel real. Transitions for some are not always the easiest. I know for me I am prone to having a routine. And now I have to break into yet another one at ASU which include: school, work and leadership in the Entrepreneurs Club.

I am currently working in a day spa and paying the owner a weekly rent. I like this option because I am basically self-employed and can comfortably come and go as I please. But, I have found that the biggest obstacle thus far is the balancing act of school, work at the spa, and leading a student organization on campus. Due to this involvement in the Entrepreneurs Club, I am required to attend several business luncheons and events as well as work diligently with the executive board, and there goes my spa time out the door.

Right now I am really working on delegating the work and opportunities in the club. The club has seen tremendous growth this semester and I of course want to see it take on any opportunities that are possible. I feel that this leadership position in the club is only strengthening my own leadership skills as well as my communication skills, all of which I will always be using in my own business. “How do I motivate people to get work done? How do I avoid doing all the work myself?” These are the most frequent questions I have been asking myself lately.”

The way I look at it is…. I didn’t go and put all my summer into getting this license and now that I have started school, fear that I am just going to never use it. I know that my priorities are a major factor in juggling my schedule and clearly defining those is what I am concentrating on presently. I want to be certain that my daily actions are always propelling me toward the accomplishment of my goals in life and to become a spa owner someday.

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