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Artistic Entrepreneur Creates Fire Tree Studios

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I met Melissa D’Antoni at the RISE workshop I gave in Austin this past March. She opened Fire Tree Studios just a couple of years ago. The purpose for Fire Tree Studios is to provide “a safe and sacred space for clients to discover and explore their creativity, joy and personal truth utilizing the expressive arts, coaching and yoga modalities”, according to Melissa.

I received a newsletter from Melissa this week and thought this excerpt from it was an interesting read in light of the last couple of posts I have written.

“As the sun illumines the moon and the stars, so let us illumine one another.”

by Melissa D’Antoni

This morning a client of mine had a powerful experience in her painting process. As I observed her as she painted, I could tell she was stuck in her process…her energy had stopped flowing. Her body stiffened, eyebrows squinted and she physically began to contract. I could almost hear the inner critic doing it’s ‘number’ within her mind, trying to sabotage her creativity by inviting her to doubt herself.

I asked her what she was thinking about. She said that she wanted to de-emphasize several images and focus on one central image in the center of her painting. As she spoke, she used her hands to communicate and she pushed away the images that she didn’t want to see and used a welcoming gesture to communicate how she wanted to bring this central image out more into the forefront.

As I mirrored these hand gestures to her, immediately she was able to see that she was actually more focused on pushing away something she doesn’t want, rather than focusing on what it is that
she DID want to bring into the limelight of her experience. Painting is a kinesthetic process and she was using her hands to express what she was feeling-by moving the energy in her body it brought her to a greater understanding of herself. This is a great example of how self-expression can deepen our creative process and even our life experience.

When we focus our energy on what we do not want this becomes our point of attraction, thus we get more of what we do not want because this is where we are concentrating our life force energy. Rather than cover something up, if we instead focus on that which we DO want to manifest, we put all of our life force energy into just that, creating what it is we truly desire.

As my client began to focus on the image she wanted to elaborate on and bring to the forefront, the images she wanted to cover up or shade, naturally went into the background. It is when we put our energy and mind to what we do want that we illumine that, which inspires us.

Let us all remember to illuminate our passions and illumine each other.

What are you passionate about? Where do you shine your light?

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