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Bite-Size Arts Ensemble- what’s next

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The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble, for those of you following the evolution of this ensemble, had a wonderful first performance and fundraiser, but a few short weeks ago. We raised $2200.00, which given we are a new ensemble without a following just yet, and given the state of the economy, was really a wonderful beginning. Friends, family, business associates, and new audience members from our press efforts and invitations from members of our board, yielded a nice turn out at a first class venue, The Florsheim Mansion resulting in a very interesting evening.

Film maker Kevin Kent was responsible for the creation of a film, with our audience, that focused around what sparks our imaginations, what influences our creative process and how did performances that evening, from members of the Bite-Size Arts Ensemble, act as a catalyst to open the hearts and minds of our audiences. As soon as it is edited, the film will appear on our website.

It was a fun evening, and since then we have been hard at work trying to decide as a group where we are headed. These conversations have lead us to a wonderful presentation given by Creative Leaps Intl and The Learning Arts Founder, John Cimino, recently here in Chicago, for Bite-Size Arts Ensemble members, and several conference calls discussing the evolution of others entrepreneurial skills in the group through the disciplines of teaching artistry, which I wrote about in a prior post.

We are now in search of a high school in the Chicago area, or surrounding suburbs, to host our group to evolve into the role of teaching artists for a one to two year term, while we also pursue setting up Bite-Size Arts Ensemble performances that begin to serve as introductions to individual members and their creative workshops. We also will pursue some concerts that are purely artistic to mix it up and allow for the group to bond. Our new book as a group to read and discuss is Eric Booth’s The Everyday Work of Art: How Artistic Experience Can Transform Your Life. We have just finished reading together The Courage To Teach by Parker Palmer. It is a wonderful read. You don’t have to want to be a teacher to use it to build entrepreneurial skills either.

If you are new to the concept of this ensemble and would like to learn more about us, go to the website. If you are interested in the ensemble and live in the Chicago area, as a training ensemble, we encourage you to consider applying for membership. Our ensemble is open to all artistic disciplines.

  1. Congratulations with your success!

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