Innovating Through Artistry

A Trunk of Treasures

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Music, The Idea, WEBSITES & BLOGS on September 3, 2008 at 7:38 pm

Have you ever felt as though when asked to describe your artistry that you find yourself realizing you have many fragmented parts? You have done a little bit of this and a little bit of that- a project here and another, unlike the last, over there. In thinking about your career path you might feel a bit as if you are opening a trunk filled with your own treasures, some which co-exist nicely and the others that bump into each other in agitation.

And isn’t that the beauty of art?

I think so, but how can you take all of the fragmented pieces that form you and your art, along with the memories of projects, and important moments in your life and pull them together to be one whole concept to present to the world and financially benefit?

How can you take all the things you love to do and put them together like a “trunk” show to showcase your treasures and produce something meaningful?

Well David Cutler, composer, educator, writer, jazz pianist and entrepreneurial performer, from Trunk Music can show you how.

Take a moment to experience David’s website, It not only highlights his incredible work as a composer, having his compositions performed by the likes of The Colorado Symphony, The Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Classical Orchestra of Milan, Repertory Symphony Orchestra, LAVIE Singers, Korean Chamber Ensemble, and Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, but his love of theater, comedy, diverse styles of music, philosophy and entrepreneurship are all part of his Trunk show too!

Make sure to check out his philosophy section. Besides getting an education on the meaning of the word “chortle” David shares his core philosophy that might shed some light for you on how to make your own trunk of treasure into something everyone will want to see too.

I met David Cutler a few weeks ago, when I attended The Round Table Conference, run by former Dean of The Eastman School of Music, Robert Freeman, in Round Top Texas (population 77). I am actually headed to Pittsburgh tomorrow evening to visit David to discuss some ways we might collaborate together.

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