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Entrepreneur The Arts Website Evolves

In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS on August 28, 2008 at 10:23 am

As a result of the recent partnership with actor William Shatner, executive producer Bert Tenzer and retired Admiral Kevin Delaney of Heartbeat of America, the website for Entrepreneur The Arts is about to undergo a major change. Not only will their photos and biographical information appear on the site, in addition to mine, but additionally information about the artist contest, as well as programs established for corporations and universities will soon appear.

While the blog continues to build its audience, as a result of this new partnership, we are looking for interesting stories from artists about their career development to post. These stories will serve as the basis for the artist competition that will result in the selection of 2 artists in the next 12 months to appear on national television, as well as receive a 10 minutes video clip with William Shatner to help them further develop their entrepreneurial wings.

We are currently looking for additional sponsors to provide free support materials to artists in the form of books, and any other worthy resources artists, that will be given for free to those artists who submit blog posts. We would love to hear from anyone interested in promoting their own work while supporting the arts in this way.

Stay Tuned….

  1. An entrepreneur is a risk taker. She dives head-first into uncharted waters to create a marketplace where none previously existed. There is no set formula to follow when creating something new. No textbook can teach an entrepreneur how to create a brand new business and how to get growth in that business.

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