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Advancing the Concepts of Intellectual Entrepreneurship

In Interesting Articles, Leadership on August 9, 2008 at 8:48 pm

This blog and my work to advance the arts, is really my direct way of communicating with you about what Rick Cherwitz from the University of Texas- Austin, calls Intellectual Entrepreneurship. Rick and I are two kindred spirits on a mission. So what does Intellectual Entrepreneurship mean to artists?

Ie is about empowering artists to harness their creative and intellectual talents for the betterment of society-to be “artist-citizens” who leverage their knowledge for social good.

Core principles of Ie are: discovery, ownership and accountability. Put simply: Ie views the creative prowess of artists as an essential tool for solving society’s most complex problems. Ie holds that, while art for art’s sake is a necessary condition of an enlightened society, art must also serve a larger good; without the creative spirit of artists, our nation’s most pressing issues cannot be tackled.

I can not agree more with the need to transform how we develop as artists and think about the value of our artistry. However, to do this is going to require a new approach to the entire way we educate our students from kindergarten on.

Rick Cherwitz, University of Austin Texas, has been hard at work to integrate and elevate this concept both inside the arts and throughout all educational disciplines at the University of Texas. The University of Texas is one of the top 5 largest public institutions in the country and Ie is beginning to gain some significant traction and recognition nationally. As a university branded with the slogan: “What starts here changes the world” The University of Texas is on course, hoping to raise 50 million dollars specifically earmarked for Ie development.

An interesting perspective on the value of Intellectual Entrepreneurship was just written by Eleanor Clift and appeared in Newsweek, Aug 8, 2008. While it is not artist oriented, it is exciting to see this idea promoted on this level. Here is the link to the article.

  1. rubbish, pls improve ur research

    I see you come to the concept of Intellectual Entrepreneurship with an open mind. Lisa Canning

  2. I’m not sure where okon is coming from. I do agree however with Rick Cherwitz. As artists, I think we are ideally suited to come up with radical and wonderful ideas AND doable action plans. Teaching our children to honor, value and carry through on their artistic skills and visions from a young age, and to really develop what what Edward de Bono calls lateral thinking can go a long way toward creating a better world.

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