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Changing History One Artist at a Time with The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble

In Creative Support, Current Events, WEBSITES & BLOGS on August 1, 2008 at 10:09 pm

This new ensemble is a wonderful opportunity for 6 artists to develop their skills and find new ways to serve the community. One of our artists is behind the scenes- Jacque Henrickson- a young journalist and the person responsible for our press. Read her wonderfully written press release that is being circulated all over Chicago about our up and coming show on Thursday August 21st.

Currently, besides preparing for our show, this ensemble is reading together the book The Courage to Teach by Parker J. Palmer and learning about Servant Leadership as a method for applying their artistry to corporate training. This ensemble is hard at work and we need your support.

What do you and your friends need to know about us?

The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble is a performance based arts incubator that provides our ensemble artists with career coaching, business strategic development planning, marketing support, websites, head shots and anything else they need to try and help them become more entrepreneurial to ensure their artistic success.

Additionally the ensemble is currently developing individual workshops that will be offered to businesses as a new way to train their customer service and sales workforce to become more effective in their jobs, increase their creativity to problem solve and transform their abilities to serve into a form of leadership. These workshops will also be offered to associations, and anyone else looking to increase their creativity to solve problems and transform their leadership into artful innovation.

By attending our first show, not only can you help develop your own creativity by identifying with an artist you might individually like to work with, but by donating to our organization– either through attending an event or offering us financial support– you are helping to develop the entrepreneurial skills of our artists to advance the creativity of others through their artful offerings.

Without your grassroots financial support we cannot seed our vision to help it grow. In this time of uncertainty in the world we need creativity, innovation and the opportunity to creatively advance quickly more than ever. Be a part of our mission to rethink the future and capacity of the arts.

Here is the link to attend our event or make a donation:

For more information about the ensemble go to:

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