Innovating Through Artistry

New Roles for The Arts through Neuro Science

In The Idea on July 31, 2008 at 10:56 pm

So some of you may be wondering after reading yesterday’s post, while it might be an interesting book to read, “why should I care if science or the arts came first”? What does this have to do with entrepreneurship in the arts?

For artists to flourish inside our art form we need to consider new intersections of study, that include art, to find new ways to use our artistry. Let me illuminant for you an entrepreneurial connection between art and science.

Since the development of positron emission tomography, neuro science has taken a rapidly increasing interest in how it is possible to play the Brahms B flat Piano Concerto or to perceive the Eroica Symphony.

Why is this you might ask?

Well with 80% of the planes we are using in Iraq flown as predator-drones– equipment flown by remote control without a crew on board– they are 10 times more likely to crash than the planes with crews. In an effort better to understand why the remote control of such aircraft is so problematic, the Air Force asked itself what sorts of Americans have the skills most effectively to synthesize, under pressure, 40 simultaneous aural and visual stimuli.

They discovered that the answer is concert pianists!

Because the Pentagon is eager that our troops perform optimally, the Texas Medical Center is now considering how better to understand what human performance means, how it is developed, and how best to optimize it in our population as a whole, an area of potential activity that underlines the importance of music study.

Is this a new way for a pianist to make a living? It sure might be.

What other kinds of roles can you discover by combining two distinctly different disciplines together to meet the combined needs respectively of the other?

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