Innovating Through Artistry

Motivation to Excel

In Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Tool Box, The Idea on June 17, 2008 at 12:46 am

Do you feel motivated to be your best self? Are you determined to find a niche in the arts and thrive? Are you willing to never give up until you reach your goals? Are you willing to invest in yourself and change what you need to about yourself, or your life, to create your dream?

We all struggle, we all fall short. I need to lose 40 pounds, get my book published and get back to working on my speaking, just to name a few things on my list. (Trust me when I say, at the moment, my list of struggles seems a bit long.) But seriously, we all need inspiration and we all need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back in the saddle to try and ride our dream again, and again, and again.

And again.

The hardest part of any ride, especially one you care about, is getting back on when you have been, or feel like you have been, thrown off.

Where do we find motivation when we feel this way? Well, we often find it when we hear a story of an underdog who rises to victory, beating insurmountable odds. Isn’t that partially why Obama is so loved because his rise is restoring our faith that dreams really can come true and that anything we strive for in life is possible?

Or what about stories of the poor, like the one’s told through the business model of the Kiva Organization? With a micro loan- a sum of money that would not even cover the cost of a meal in the United States- our poorest are becoming able to build a business, improving their lifestyle, feed their families and hopefully, eventually, rise out of poverty. Now that too is pretty motivational, isn’t it?

But what about us just average Joe’s? What about each of us who seems just pretty ordinary and average in most every way? What will motivate us to excel and transform our lives as magnificently?

Well, maybe it starts with recognizing that what you hold in your heart as the single most important thing in life to achieve, is far from ordinary and average. What you see and what you wish for others to come to learn from you, do with you, experience alongside of you, is nothing short of extraordinary. Yes, indeed, no matter WHAT anyone tells you and no matter how many times you are told otherwise, your ideas, visions and dreams are unique and worthy of developing into something for all to see.

Sounds easy. Maybe even a little motivational. But, when your done reading this post, how long will your motivation last?

No one ever really wants to talk about the hard work of motivation. We instead want to go for the quick fix, cheap euphoria of a moment to illustrate it can be produced on demand, and like a drug revel in its temporary and usually fleeting sensation, glossing right over the guts of what it is made of.

True sustainable motivation comes with your acceptance, realization, understanding, responsibility, tenacity and courage to do what it takes, as long as it takes, for your idea, vision, goal or dream to become real.

Real hard work creates motivation. An unwillingness to quit produces motivation. Requiring more of yourself is motivational.

What comes from it, is the opportunities we need to excel.

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