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Trust, Creativity and Collaboration

In Emotional Intelligence, WEBSITES & BLOGS on June 7, 2008 at 9:38 pm

In Linda Naiman’s, Creativity at Work, May Newsletter, she explores the roles of trust, disclosure and dialogue.

This excerpt from her newsletter illuminates a very interesting point about the importance of building trust in relationships quickly to be able to move into developing creatively and collaboratively.

While collaboration should come naturally to artists, with great surprise I have witnessed far too many who’s professional circumstances have lead them to bitterness, anger, distrust and likely as a result, a lack of willingness to develop trust in new relationships. The development of creativity and the power of collaboration requires trust, as this excerpt from Linda’s newsletter will illustrate.

One of my colleagues was recently hired by the CEO of a large corporation to conduct a seminar on creativity for a group of 90 people. He started off by asking who in the audience was familiar with the literature on left brain/right brain thinking. Ten people put up their hands. He then asked who was unfamiliar with the literature on left brain/right brain thinking. Seven people put up their hands. He asked again and got pretty much the same response. Clearly the numbers didn’t add up and he told the audience he would keep asking the question until the numbers did add up. The CEO was rather annoyed with his employees.

What’s going on here? Fear of public disclosure. Without trust there is no disclosure, and no risk-taking, making it impossible for both meaningful conversation and creativity to occur. Trust is an essential nutrient of creativity and collaboration.

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