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In ENTREPRENEUR THE ARTS, Interesting Articles, The Idea, WEBSITES & BLOGS on May 22, 2008 at 8:08 pm

Thanks to WordPress, and their new blog post links at the bottom of each post, I found this terrific blog called Social Citizen.

Here is a post from April 10, 2008 titled ” What’s Happening in The World of Social Entrepreneurship?
To help me keep my thoughts in order and to keep my readers up to date, I have started this post to bring together the important links on social entrepreneurship over the last couple weeks. There is going to be a great mix of articles and blogs from all over the internet, social entrepreneurship is in many forms. Every other Thursday I will post a few links from the web I have come across during the week.
What has happened the past couple of weeks in social entrepreneurship:
A new social entrepreneurship blogger – Social Entrepreneurship a New Path for Many from the blog My Pathways to New Paradigms
Saving the World from Business Week
Social Entrepreneurship and the Courage to Fix What’s Broken from Perspectives from the Pipeline
Social Entrepreneurs are Change Masters from SANGONeT
Social Entrepreneurship Fellowships
Gen Y is Changing the World by Sam Davidson
What is the role of the Social Entrepreneur? from E-Factor

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