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The Music Paradigm, what is it?

In The Idea, WEBSITES & BLOGS on May 19, 2008 at 2:36 am

Conductor Roger Nierenberg created The Music Paradigm in 1995. For 14 years, Nierenberg directed the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in Florida and for 23 years he was Music Director of the Stamford Symphony Orchestra in Connecticut. Then one day he had an epiphany, and realized that the orchestra was the perfect metaphor for organizational dynamics, particularly during a time of challenge or change and he started The Music Paradigm.

During a Music Paradigm session, business executives are seated among members of a live, professional orchestra. The conductor then leads the musicians through a series of carefully crafted exercises that help illustrate key qualities, reactions, and practices of high performing business teams, designed to teach leadership around the needs and challenges these executives face inside their organizations.

According to Roger Nierenberg, the benefits of this training session is that “the sponsoring organization is able to achieve the reinforcement of key strategic messages, build momentum for addressing critical issues through a shared experience, clarify strategies that may seem too vague or complex, and provide executives with a safe environment for rethinking their assumptions and behaviors.”

By taking business leaders out of their working environment, which can be monocular, and instead placing them in a situation to use the orchestra to create a binocular view, they are able to use the polarity to gain new insights into the needs of their organizations. Brilliant idea and what a great way to allow others, who are not artistic, to dramatically benefit from the experience.

On the website there are a series of videos that you might find interesting about The Music Paradigm experience and process.

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