Innovating Through Artistry

What do you see?

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While attending the AIE conference last week I went to this great presentation given by John Cimino from an organization called Creative Leaps. John is an opera singer and works to integrate the arts into the classroom and the boardroom.

Here is a little bit from a presentation he gave that I thought was really fascinating. This part of the presentations focused on a few ways to change ones realities using artistry to increase creativity, discovery and learning:

It is not logic which guides discovery and artful creativity, but perception and imaginative insight.

Now, imagine learning as personal discovery. (Vico)

What can you learn about yourself from The Sun Sets Sail by Rob Gonsalves?

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perception.“ Leonardo Da Vinci
How do your perceptions about this image change what you know?

This simple two dimensional picture of a three dimensional object does not always give enough information to distinguish the front from the back faces. Therefore, the eye will pick one side as being the front and transform the image into a “projected” three-dimensional object allowing us to alter our view of this simple image.

One purpose of art is to alter the quality of our attentiveness — to enhance, refresh and sharpen our perceptions.
What details in this next image enhance, refreshen and sharpen your perceptions?


The reality of this simply line drawing by Alizz is that it is nothing more then a number of straight and curved lines.

And yet, instead, we all see something different based on how we perceive it.

For me I see the back of a woman with flowing hair and a flowing skirt and a pretty bow in her hair. This has a lot more meaning, and evokes my imagination. Because I choose to see it this way, my reality has changed into something that I can discover and learn from instead of seeing it as a bunch of straight and curved lines.

The arts inhabit and thrive at this cusp of perception and meaning-making, flexing both in favor of creativity, discovery and learning.

While it is strikingly simple to understand this, it is truly profound when you begin to consider what you can do with your artistry to enhance others creativity, discovery and learning with any subject matter that interests you.

I really enjoyed meeting John and find his work and ideas exciting.

About Creative Leaps
We are learning specialists, performing artists, scientists and renewal partners working in the corporate and educational arenas. Our clients are leading Fortune 500 companies, centers for leadership and professional development (including the Center for Creative Leadership), research institutions, Federal agencies, colleges and universities, and centers for teacher training and renewal. Major corporations including General Electric, IBM and Fannie Mae as well as top government agencies from the White House to the Social Security Administration have recruited Creative Leaps International for keynote presentations and professional learning initiatives aimed at catalyzing executive thinking, renewal and change.


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